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A Spectacular Night

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Boyfriends parents house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My first time wasn’t unexspected at all he wanted it as much as I did!
My boyfriends parents had gone out if town for the weekend which ment Jason (my bf) was going to be home alone for the 3 days his parents were away. I remember begging my mom to stay at my bestfriend house for the weeknd when really I was planning on staying with jay. That Saturday night me and Jason was sat In his parents “love shack” watching a movie. Suddenly I felt jays hand slide inbetween my inner thigh and slowly started to caress inbetween me leading up to my pussy. I could feel my self getting wet and I could see that my slight moans were getting jason horny. Without any warning jay slid my g string to the side and inserted two fingers inside me. I let out a scream the mixture of pain and pleasure was unbearable. He kept on reasuring me that every thing would be okay. He kept on fingering me after about 5minutes I came. But that was just the begining.
After jay pleasuring me I felt the need to do the same for him so I took da ruff Ryder condom out from his jean pockets got on me knees unziped his pants and started to suck on his fat dick. I knew I was driving him wild because he kept on moaning my name and pushing the back of my head harder onto his dick. I loved the taste of him. Just b4 he was about to cum I took the condom of a swallowd him he tasted salty but I didn’t care I loved it! He told me my head was amazing. I knew my hours of practise on my dildos had payed of.
By now we was both butt naked laying ontop of eachother jay took out another. Condom from his jeans and asked me if I could put it on for him. I did. He then spreader me legs apart and took my right leg and placed it on his shoulder all I remember thinking was please don’t let me catch a cramp!
He told me to hold onto his shoulders cos I was in for a rough ride. Slowly I felt the tip of his dick enter my pussy I let out a slight gasp as he pushe a little futher into me by Noww my pussy was as wet as the ocean. He started of slowly grinding in my pussy then gradually he got faster and faster it felt sooo good but hurt so bad at the same time. After about 15 minutes I came shortly after jay came too. I will never forget my first time his dick was the best I’ve ever had!!
It was a truly SPECTACULAR night!!

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