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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: Engish
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well let’s start with saying I wasn’t the popular athleet in the school. I was pretty average looking and tall. I’d had a crush on this girl named Kate for a long time. She was tall, blonde and tan with long, smooth legs and a perfect ass and chest. She rode my bus and we walked home togeather every day. One day she asked if I wanted to come over to help with her homework. It was almost summer and she was in a short skirt and tank top. I stammered a yeah and went over. Her parents were home, but had to leave for errands. Her baby sister was sleeping in her room and we were alone in the kitchen. She set her bag down, and as she did, her skirt came up a little and I got a peek of her thong! She grabbed her text book and set it on the table and we started on her math. I crossed my legs to hide my boner. She got frustrated and got up and sat on her counter, long tan legs crossed, breasts flowing over the top of her bra and tank top. I told her I had to use the restroom (i was trying to “walk off” my “situation”). I knew she saw, cause out of the corner of my eye, i saw her pull her skirt down a little and pull up her top. I came back a little embarassed and helped her finish. I told her i should go and she said okay. I walked to the door alone, figuring she was embarassed by me getting hard. As i open the door, I hear her say “wait”. I turned around and almost passed out. She was standing there in her thong and bra, long blonde hair down her back. She said she noticed me later, and she was “lonely”. She took off my pants and shirt, revealing my throbbing cock. She took off her bra and thong revealing the most beautiful breasts and pink, shaven pussy. I awkwardly fingerd her and we made out for a while, with heavy petting. eventualy, we made our way to the couch and she layed back, and said she was ready. She spread her beautiful pink pussy and I slid in. She was so tight and wet, I couldn’t beleive it. It was by far the best thing I have ever felt. She got off and started to suck it till I came all over her face and breasts. She licked me off and it felt so great! We dated for about 2 years and we had many other encounters. It was one of the best relationships i have ever had. ill never forget her beautiful body and her perfect pussy

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