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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

So i was going out with my boyfriend on a date and we ended up at my house in my room… he leaned in to give me a good night kiss. i thought he was going to give me the usual peck bt today he gave me a french kiss! we. ontinued until somehow all our clothing came of. see, nick was a solid 9 inches at age 12 and i was 12 too. i was like hell we are in grade seven… but i was feeling so horny so i asked him so like my pussy. he agreed and it felt amazing! i decided to return the favor and well, his cum is the best! it is sooo delicious! after 10 minutes for each of us, he asked if he could enter me! i was like duh! he said he didnt have a condum but i said that i didnt care, that i wanted his cum in my body. he slowly entered me and it felt good! he got in like five inches then he broke through my hymen. hey didnt hurt that much… anyway, he continued until he said he wpuld blow… then i said ” well, what are you waiting for? fill me up!” then he fid and it felt soo good… we continued for two hours trying different positions ( we tried doggy and it is my fav! he cummed in my ass!) he yhen started fngering me then began fisting me! it felt realvgood! soon after, my friend stephen ( a year oldwr) came in my room and saw me with nicks fisting in my pussy) i saw that he instantly got a hard on. so iinvited him over! he came and we dud a threesome! this was really good… first, i had one cock in my ass the other in my pussy. then we got stpehens dick in micks ass, ncks dick in my ass and me fingerin myself!!! bet night of my life!!! love you nick and stephen! ;p

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