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girls, girls, girls! ; )

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my room :)
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

alright, so my friend and i are always together, everyone thinks we’re lesbians or something ;-)..
but anyway we were at my house one day getting ready for our weekly double date, well we were going to a party this weekend. my mom was out and we always have vodka or something in the house.. so we started drinking. getting a little tipsy, i kissed her. nothing new, we have kissed many times before and done a little more. but this time we kept going. she kissed me back and felt her hands moving up my shirt, then she started to pinch my nipples, omg it drives me wild!! so my shirt came off, then hers and i started to suck her tits.. i sware i made her cum just by doing that.. then i slipped my hand down her freshly shaven pussy, and started to finger her. off came our pants.. hehe.. all that we have done before, but here comes the new stuff..
she moved down and started kissing me all down my stomach and i knew what was coming next. i felt her lick up and down my slit.. then she drove her tongue in as far as it would go(shes got a looong tongue!) i screamed from pleasure… then i flipped around and started to eat the shit out of her pussy too.. we gave eachother SO many orgasms… 🙂 we were so lost in our own little world that i didnt hear the boys come in.. i turn around and my boyfriend of 18 months(who knew so far of everything jen and i did) was standing there rubbing himself(SUCH a turn on!!!) and her boyfriend who didnt know anything was doing the same and was in such shock!! so we gave them a little show and then we headed out for dinner and to the party.. and yeah i fucked my boy that night too, but it wasnt nearly the experiance that i had with jen earlier 🙂
hope you liked my first time eating pussy 🙂

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