Ok I know most stories here are about a guy and a…

first lesbian experience

im tellin you this and beleive me it as true as true…


we fucked

Lesbian Lovers

It was a usual weekend and my parents were out of town….

Lesbian Sex

ok i dunno if this counts as losing my virginity but whatever….

It’s me Imelda (aku bukan Lesbian)

Seingat aku dulu, aku seorang yang mempunyai keinginan yang normal sehingga lah…

lesbian sex

It was a cold winter day and it was currently snowing, i…

Perbualan Lesbian Di Chat Room

ops sorry dc erllo its ok so ni yg u nak jadi…


me and my girlfriend were ralways very close, we did everything together….

Lesbian Cream

It was a late Friday afternoon and my roommate came home from…