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An Unwitting Accomplice

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

An Unwitting Accomplice, My First Time.

Well my first Time was kind of awkward I expect as with a lot of people. It was with my boyfriend at the time, it wasn’t like a real relationship, it was a get together whenever we could to grope and suck each other. He did most of the groping and also directed me where he thought I should be groping.

It was Saturday night and we were at his house babysitting his younger brother. We left his brother watching TV while we retreated to the large couch at the back of the room.
We locked lips, and my eyes closed. Instantly I felt his hands snaking their way through my clothing, quickly managing to find their way into my shirt. He struggled for a while but was unable to undo the clasp on my bra. After fumbling about for some time he pleaded with me to remove it. I was easily convinced. I laid down on the couch so I could perform the removal with out disturbing any of my other clothing. It took me a while but eventually I managed to pull the offending article from my body extracting it out through the opening in my sleeve.

While I’d been busy with this task I hadn’t taken any notice of what he was up to; as I stuffed my bra behind one of the cushions I looked over at him with a cheeky grin. My smirk suddenly dropped as I felt his fingers wriggling into my underwear. He’d managed to get as far as the top of my slit but that’s as far as he seen to be able to reach.

His hand moved around as he explored as best he could. His fingers were stroking across my clitoris and although I was mortified at where they were it was beginning to generate a feeling of excitement.

I had become very wet between my thighs but my clitoris was sticky and sweaty causing his fingers to drag. I unclasped my pants and asked him to reach down where I was wet and use it to lubricate where he was rubbing. But as soon as the obstruction was removed his hand pushed its way deep into my crotch, his fingers parting my lips and slid their way down my creamy slit probing for the entrance to my hole. I was so wet his fingers slid straight into me. I gasped with surprise which he seemed to take as a sign of pleasure. He wriggled down and lay besides me working his fingers back and forth. It was making me sore and irritated. I asked him to stop, but he was too busy pulling at my shirt trying to expose my breasts. I tried to push him back as he nuzzled his way through my disheveled clothing. As I struggled attempting to recover my composure I felt a series of rapid jerks, dragging my pants and underwear toward my ankles. My arms flailed around in panic not knowing how to mount an effective defense.

As I peered down at the rolls of removed clothing and exposed flesh I caught a glimpse of his penis. It was straight and hard, swinging to and fro menacingly as he wedged his knees between my legs making it easier for him to push them further apart. At the same time he rocked back and forth forcing his body into position. Wait I managed to barely croak as I felt him slide into my wet folds. He continued taking no notice, jabbing at me with a series of shallow thrusts from the hip as he zeroed in on his mark. Then with aloud grunt and a determined pelvic push, he buried himself deep inside me. A mixture of disbelief and discomfort caused me to produce a muted cry. It didn’t help and before I could recover he began to rhythmically slide him self inside me. He perched his chin on my shoulder, and as he worked his body, his mouth released a series of loud moans and grunts into my ear.

The more I tried to protest the weaker my voice became. It seemed to last forever and at the same time was over in moments. Suddenly he increased his pace and the grunts became more guttural, his hands aggressively griped large portions of my buttocks, squeezing as if for dear life, causing me to wince.

It suddenly dawned on me what was happening and I began to beat him about the head, feverishly attempting to wriggle from beneath him. I shrieked into his ear in urgent panic, pleading with him to the point of tears. Abruptly he expelled a disturbing cry, his body shuddered and sagged, he made two last shallow pelvic rolls before pressing his groin tightly against me relaxing as the weight of his body collapsed, pillowing itself against my body, his hot labored breathing panting against my neck. I’d felt many things my first time none of which were pleasure.


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