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the wonderful thing that happened

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was on a holiday with my boyfriend and a group of friends and we stayed at a hotel. Naturally, I shared the room with my boyfriend. We had known each other for 2 years but we never had sex, or even attempted to. We had agreed that we should enjoy our relationship as it is now, sex may come naturally, but not overly soon. Well, the first night we checked into the hotel, we were all tired out after many hours of flight, so all of the 8 of us retired to our rooms, me & my boyfriend into ours too. I went into the bathroom to have a nice warm bath first, & found that the bathroom door was spoilt & could not be locked. Well, that was fine with me, although my boyfriend & I did not have sex, but we had seen each other’s bodies, we were comfortable with each other. So I started having my shower while my boyfriend undressed in the room. Then I realised that I had forgotten to take my shampoo ( I didn’t like to use the shampoo given by the hotel ) so I just walked out of the shower, into the room to get the shampoo out of my bag. My boyfriend was sitting there naked on the bed & he grinned as he saw me walking out of the shower naked. I smiled back & bent over to give him a kiss. He whispered softly in my ears,” I love you darling !” & I smiled & started to french him. He held me tightly & pulled me down on the bed beside him. I started to protest that I wanted to go back to my shower, but he pleaded, just a while more, I love you !! So I consented. As we continued frenching, he moved his hands up to my breasts, & slowly stroked them. I started to get excited & I saw his dick standing straight up too. I was a bit confused at this point, I didn’t know whether to continue, what if we proceeded to real sex??? But I felt so great at the same time, & I trusted & loved him so much that I feel it’ll be alright even if I did give my first time to him there & then. We had mutually agreed that our making love would come when the time is ripe, & it come naturally for both of us. Suddenly I felt sure that it was the time. He seemed to read my thoughts & shared the same sentiments with me. So he continued to fondle my breasts & nipples which were erect already. I started to stroked his large erect instrument of love. & we continued kissing. Soon, I felt my hands were a bit wet & slippery & I saw that he had shot out some pre cum. He moved one of his hands down to my pussy while the other continued to fondle my breasts. He tickled me down there until I started to get really wet. At this time, he pushed my lying down on the bed, & saddled across me. However, he didn’t try to enter me yet. With lots of pre-cum on his dick, he took it & rubbed it to my nipples. I can’t describe the feeling, it was so erotic, warm slippery pre-cum on my nipples & his great love instrument rubbing all over my breasts. I gripped his dick slid my hand up and down the shaft while he continued rubbing the head over my breasts. Then, he looked at me giving the look which asks, is it alright now? That you be mine & I be yours forever from this moment? I slowly moved his dick towards my pussy which is really really wet. Before sliding in, he rubbed his instrument with my pussy, drawing even more gasps of esctacy!! Then he slowly started to enter me. My virgin pussy was very tight & his cock seemed really huge that every little bit he slipped in was very painful. I cried & he was very understanding and went slower. But both of us were virgins & we did not really know which is the easiest & best way. After a seemingly long time, I felt the whole of his love instrument within me, in its entirety! The pain was still there, but as he slowly started to move in & out, the pain grew less, & the pleasure more. Soon, I started to have an orgasm & it was really a wonderful feeling! Then he said he was cumming & he quickly drew out of me. I took hold of his erect penis as he slid out of me, & saw some milky drops of juice on the head. I tickled his dick’s head, & soon there was not some milky drops on the head but large squirts of love juice! He came in 6 to 7 large spurts all over my breast, my stomach & my legs. The bed was all messed up, but we didn’t care. After his huge wonderful orgasm, he laid down beside me & we looked into each other’s eyes. “I’m yours forever now.” he said, & I replied, “I’m yours forever too.” While we were in this position (you could call it awkward, or romantic, or funny, or comfortable) he proposed to me. I’ll not tell you what he said or what I said, but that was a most unforgettable moment of my life. I said yes, & we started kissing. Soon, he was hard again, & this time, he asked if it was alright if he put all his love juice inside me this time, & not all over me & on the bed! I pulled him close & he started to enter me once more. This time, it was not so painful anymore, though I was still a bit sore, but it was not the pain I felt earlier. As he moved into me, his hands fondled, cuddled & stroked my breasts, the way I that really got me excited. This time, he pumped me up & down more vigorously & I orgasmed in no time. He continued & after a while I had a second orgasm, at the same time as he had his. That was a really wonderful experience if you haven’t experienced it before, to make love with the one you love most & to orgasm together at the same time! He shot all of his cum into me, & my goodness, how wonderful all his love juice felt in me, warm, exciting & even confusing at the same time. After this, he laid on top of me, his chest touching my breasts & his instrument still inside me. He hugged me real tight, & I hugged back in return. We laid like this until we fell asleep in each other’s embrace, the shower I wanted to take forgotten. Locked in each other’s embrace, we slept till the next morning, & the first thing we saw when we woke up was even more love for each other. I told myself I’m going to love & honour this man for the rest of my life. & let me tell you, sex is not for entertaining yourself when you are bored, or for having fun, but for long time commitment. When you’ve found this longterm commitment, the love-making that you do then really feels like LOVE-making. If not, that’s just an empty shell, no meaning, no love.
We then had our shower in the morning, & then went out with the rest of the friends. They didn’t know what happened between us but one friend remarked, you two certainly look different, what happened last night? Well, that is for us to know & for him to find out. Well, & on that day, my boyfriend bought our engagement ring.
What happened at night for the rest of our holiday (7 more days) well, you could guess. Well, I did not want to get pregnant as yet since both of us were still in college ( he was 2 years my senior), we went to a doctor there for contraceptives & our nights were extremely exciting all throughout the holiday. The only bad point was that we had a bit less sleep, since the wee hours were used doing……
It has been a year since we got engaged & married, & our love is just as strong, if not stronger. & I want to tell all of you again, that love, commitment, understanding comes first, the sex part only later. Treasure your first time, & give it only to that special girl or guy!
& here I’m going to tell the whole world, I LOVE YOU, HUBBY !!

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