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Current Age: 30
Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

she was 25, i was 23. it was our second “date”. on our first date, we made out and i felt her breasts. they were a handful. this time, we were in her bedroom talking and started cuddling again. I told her that i wanted to do it. She was hesitant because her roommate maybe coming home soon. however, I insisted, so eventually she gave in.

she let me help her take off her jeans, then she sat on her bed, and took off her socks. I also took off her clothes up top, so now she was wearing nothing but her panties. I quickly undressed and got completely naked, and started kissing her mouth. i slipped my tongue in, and soon enough I wanted to be inside a woman for the first time. I took off her panties. She spread her legs and was lying on her back. we kissed a few seconds more, and I asked her to guide me in.

She was shy, and said do it yourself. I sat in front of her naked body, her legs apart, and I adjusted my cock near her pussy. I had never done it before, and I was not sure if I could find a way in. Amazingly, it slid right in. I felt an intense tightness around my dick head, and it was heaven. Now that I have been with many more women, I can tell you the instant a man’s dick enters is the best moment of sex. I was impatient, and quickly pushed my cock in. It was a lot of pain for her as she was not wet at all. She asked me to stop, but I wanted to go in all the way and feel the warmth that had eluded for many years. She moaned in pain, and tears came out of her eyes. I looked down and saw blood, and I asked are you a virgin? she shook her head – maybe she just had a sensitive vagina.

Pretty soon she became wet, and I started throttling inside and out. Unfortunately, it was not very tight at all, and her bed was extremely soft, so I had to exert a lot of energy during the motion. After almost 40 minutes, I still could not come, and I gave up and went home.

Dejavu! I feel like I have written my story here many years ago! but oh well. happy jerking off perverts.

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