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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: College
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It was late that day in college.
I missed the bus because my lecturer wanted to talk to me about something. It was 6.50pm when we had finished discussing.
The bus was gone by 6.30pm.
My lecturer, Dan, offered to drive me home, and i was relieved that i dont have to take the cab agian.
We went to his car.
I strapped the seatbelt on after we both got in.
To my surprise, he locked the door and bent over me, releasing my seatbelt and nibbled my ear.
He unzipped his slacks and revealed his cock.
It was the first time I saw a real one.
He was about 30 and married. But he’s real handsome!!
It was a pity, or else I would’ve gone out with him.
He began stroking his cock before me. A 4 inch one, big for an asian guy.
I was turned on and took off my jeans too.
(it was late then and we were the only ones in the carpark.
I was a virgin, had several bfs, but I dont mind making out with him.
His eyes brightened when he saw my hairy puss.
He bent over, spead my legs wide, put his head between my legs,and started eating my puss.
It was a bit itchy because his hair was scaping my bare tummy.
I got real wet, feeling his toungue moving on my puss.
He then stuck two fingers in me and started fingering me.
I cried out in pain as this was my first.
He got really hard at my howl and made his move.
He entered me in an instant and i screamed in pain.
But he was quite good at it. He gone slow, making me get used to his big cock inside my tight hole.
He moved slowly and steadily, giving me intense waves of pleasure. Then jamming me hard and fast.
He asked me to cry, he loved girls crying out.
I did so.
Suddenly, he stiffened and came, squirting his hot juice into me.
It was like heaven.
He was great, after he pulled out he began to fondle me and lick me puss.
IT WAS GREAT and i simply LOVE him.
Since, he fetched me home every single day.
What happened in the car everyday? Its for us to know and you to think wild..

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