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A sleepover

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: A sleepover
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

This girl name Catherine invited me to a swim party with Jimmy and his other friend name Megan. My parents and her parents went to Georgia for a funeral. I knew as soon as she asked me what it was about. She said to come over to her house about 10:00pm. So I showed up with my friend and his girl out side her house. She opened the door in bikini! Her parents are rich so she has an indoor pool. So we got to swimming and messin around and we were in that pool for a long time. I swam over and sat on one of the steps to go in the pool. The step is about 6 inches under with another step beside it. I was swimming in gym shorts. I looked up for some reason and while I was looking up I felt something. Catherine and Megan had sneeked over and were sucking my BALLS!!!!!!! I did not realize what was going on so I said,” What the HELL!”. They looked kind of embarressed and they said sorry, of course I still did not know what was going on. They just “played it dumb” and went on swimming. About 1:00 am we got out of the pool. She invited me, Jimmy, and Megan to “stay the night”. We said ok. Me and Jimmy were the first ones to go to sleep, but the girls were playing video games. About 3:00 am Catherine woke me up and took me into the other room, where I found Jimmy and Megan jackin off. The next thing I knew Catherine was undreasing me. By this time I figured out what was going on so I just went with the flow. She told me it was her first time and I said it was mine too. While we talked about how we were gonna fuck Jimmy was suckin Megans pussy off. I asked Catherine what she wanted to do and she said she would suck my dick. So I leaned against the wall and she started fuckin me. It was not long before my rod was as stiff as a rock. At this time Jimmy had his dick up Megans pussy. Catherine told me to suck her pussy off. So I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fucked her so hard she was almost crying. Then she told me to stick my dick in her. She kept saying deeper deeper deeper. At about 6:00 am her and Megan started talking to each other in private. They finally came over and Catherine sat on my lap and Megan sat on Jimmys lap, all of us butt naked. And she said, “Me and Megan have decided that you and Jimmy should fuck and me and Megan should fuck”. She basically told us to be gay, and said that her and Megan should be lesbian. Of course we did because me and Jimmy were so scared that if we did not do what she said that she would not invite us back over. So I laid on my left side and he laid on his right side, and his head was at my dick and my head was at his dick. And we started jackin. Needless to say, that was the best night of my life!!!!!!!!!!

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