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wooow <3.

Sex = Female
Where it happened = His house.
Language = English
Refnum = 42903 was really amazing..we werent in a relationship..just friends with benefits..i cant believe i lost my virginity to was so good..first we started making out on his bed..then he fingered me..and i gave him a handjob..we took all of our clothes off..he was very carefull and gentle, 'cause he knew it was my first time..he was so sweet..first he enetered me really slowly..and then started pushing deeper and hurted me a little bit..but then i enjoyed it..he is damn good..and i would really want to do it with him again..i trust him alot..just cant believe i did this at the age of 14.. but honestly, i dont regret it like most girls.. just be carefull..find yourself a person you can trust, like i did, and a person who wont go brag to his friends that he fucked you..i found him..and it was funn..i know that he wont tell anyone, just like me.. when were out with other friends we just pretend that nothing ever happened between us.. so then, no one is suspicious.. and if you trust the person youll do it with much, then you wont even have to use a condom.. goood luck to other girls..

wooow <3.

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