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Stupid Renee

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: A Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had been wanting to lose my virginity because most of my friends had already had sex. I had just started my freshman year of high school and had gone to a party at my best friends house. I had never drank much just a beer here and there but that night guys had brought booze for mixed drinks. After a couple of drinks I began to feel very good and then another and I was pretty wasted. A couple of the guys started making out with me and before long we were in the bedroom on the bed. Being drunk, in the mood and ready to lose it after they had been playing with my tits I didn’t resist when one of the guy’s went up my skirt and pulled my panties off. He got a condom out and we went to it. Another guy came in while we were doing it and the two guys watching cheered as we had sex. When the guy finished he got up and I started to get up but one of the other guys said he wanted me. I was flattered (really drunk) so I agreed. He ask if I wanted to do it doggy and I told him sure. We he went in doggy I had an awesome orgasam and enjoyed every minute of it. When it was over the third guy said “my turn” and move in behind me and went to town. This time it felt even better and I couldn’t understand why but soon found out. When he pulled out it was very different and I could immediately feel something running down my thighs. I rolled over and looked and hhe didn’t have a condom on. I screamed at him and ask him why he had done that to me and he just laughted and said it was fun knowing he was the first to get it bareback. Of course I had the pleasure of spending the next couple of weeks waiting to see if he had gotten me pregnant. Thankfully he didn’t accomplish that. Yes….I was very stupid.

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