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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: hawaii
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

wow, i have always wanted to do this. a friend showed me this site and i had to get this off my chest. this was not my usual leaning but this is how it went down.
my family went to visit with another family in hawaii. for us us kids (my sis and me) it was just another excuse to get lost and do what we wanted while the adults tried to get rid of us…so it worked for everyone. my sis met with a girl from the other family and they went shopping and so i headed for the local surfing beach to see if i could bum a board. i wandered onto a private beach and realized my mistake when i noticed that everyone was nude and i was not. a 14 y/o kid came up to me pretty quickly and said, dude – take the suit off and i’ll just tell everyone that your my guest and that your new to this ..so you won’t get into trouble. so feeling like i was in a tight spot i peeled off my swim suit and put it by my new ‘friends’ towel and laid my towel down and asked him what there was to do. he said he was just about to go get lunch and if i wanted i could come to his family cabana and join them. so it went. when i got there he introduced me to his older sister and his twin sister and younger brother and parents and i suddenly realized that i had gotten a major boner in front of them all from seeing his majorly hot blonde tiny framed sister. i blushed like mad and asked where the bathroom was and then ran there with my hand over myself as best i could. a few minutes later my new friend came into the bathroom and caught me mid stroke and said that it was ok and that he explained that i wasn’t used to being naked in front of people or seeing other people naked. his family was fourth generation nudist and they never gave it a second thought. he was really good at putting me at ease and then he said to go ahead and finish up and they would wait for me. so after relieving myself and washing up i bashfully went out and sat down to lunch with them. as chance had it i was seated next to his hot twin sister. omg i was rising to the occasion again! but at least the indoor picnic table was covering it. but it was really hard and i had no way to get up or move without his sister pk’s butt or shoulders or elbow brushing against me. he was on my other side but i was most aware of her. at one point when we were mid way through the meal i felt her forearm and hand rest on my thigh and her elbow was against my raging boner. i thought i would die or blow off right there cuz no one had ever touched that but me since diaper days. she ate with her other hand and smiled and kept up conversation with the family and me and moved her hand up my leg until she wrapped it around my penis. i thot i would explode right then and there! she started working me softly sliding and squeezing it up and down and i just tried desperately to keep a straight face and stay in the conversation. but it only took about 5 minutes and she heard me breath deep and she leaned it over towards her twin brother and when i went off he kind of jumped and looked down and realized what she had done and he just smiled and evil smile. as for me i choked a bit and had to take a few drinks of water to get back together. she just smiled at me and looked down at my dick and squeezed it a little again. i thought i could just ignore the family and jump on all 80 pounds of her and show her my gratitude but i thought i might shouldn’t right then. the meal seemed to go on forever and i thot that i might be making better friends after lunch so i was a little impatient. soon i felt something very weird and that was my new frind joey putting his hand on my thigh and sliding it up slowly to my dick. i would have stopped him but at this point i just wanted to try and figure out what the hell was going on. he began sliding his hand up and down and squeezing gently and he smiled that evil smile at me and i regained my hard on but it was lasting a lot longer so i made every effort to eat another hot dog and try to talk to their parents telling them about my family but my concentration was off. pretty soon it was inevitable and i couldn’t dare make a scene even though it was really weird letting a boy touch me and he leaned my dick towards pk and i shot all over her. i pretended to spill food and used my napkin to wipe some off while apologizing and really hoping that she wasn’t pissed at me. she just smiled and said it’s cool. i was one confused puppy. but their parents liked me and lunch was finally over and i could finally stand up without looking like a horn dog although i was a little pink. joey looked up at his mom and asked if i could spend the night if it was ok with my folks. i wasn’t sure what to do but she just said ‘that’s a great idea’, and showed me where the phone was and handed it to me. i was really nervous but i called and asked and they asked a few questions and then said fine.
that afternoon we all went to the beach and i spent a lot of time in the water. all of the kids had this game of ‘shark’ like tag except you have to dive under the water and gently bite or suck the other player between the legs to make them ‘it’. their parents were way down the beach and we were in a small cove with few people around so i decided to try it. i thought getting a hand job from someone else was amazing until i got the feeling of a mouth around my dick or balls. omg! the older sister had some real talent and the younger brother hung on just long enough to make me nervous but it was a fun game and after a while i got into it too. by night time i was exhausted. we played some card games and then went to bed. i was in the bedroom with the twins, i was with joey and pk was in her own bed. pretty soon i felt joey rubbing me and pushing his penis in between my legs and butt cheeks. i turned around and asked him what the hell. he said he could show me some fun stuff and then he reached down and guided my dick between his thighs and started moving forwards and backwards. almost instantly i felt the urge to get on top of him and start pumping between his legs but he told me to go slow my first time and it would be better. he put some lotion on my dick and then used his hands to guide me up and down and around so i would grind against him while pumping. suddenly i felt his hot squirt against my stomach and he groaned and whispered ‘thank you jake, oh god thank you’ and in another minute i felt myself speeding up and pushing in harder and suddenly i was out of control with a better jack than i had ever ever had before and i nearly cried and forgot for a second that he was a guy and kissed nim on the lips. i felt his tongue slip into my mouth and he kissed me back and we went at it passionately and i guess got too loud cuz pk suddenly whispered shshshsh! keep it down you love birds! i was really scared and thought that i was going to get in a lot of trouble. but i heard her blankets thrown back and then i felt her sliding into the bed next to us and quietly saying ‘so you want to play a little?’ both she and her brother were really tiny and it felt like being naked with little kids but they were a full year older than i was and they knew a lot more stuff. I hadn’t really started to put on any hair yet but had gotten some growth to about five inches. joey was about four inches and very straight but his sister was so hot it made me moan just to be near her. she was about 80 pounds as i said before and about four feet tall and thin with really narrow hips and perfect little half apple tits with nickel sized red dots. both of them were lean but muscled from sports which was emphasized by their nudist club. now having her naked and next to me and her skin dry and hot and smooth was making me crazy. she went down into the sheets and put her mouth on me and sucked and i had never felt anything like it. it was like the a-bomb going off and a warm pulling feeling and a million puppies all at once! then joey moved up a put his dick over my face and said ‘try it’. so i felt like this was just part of the deal even though it still felt off. but his dick was smooth and not too big for my mouth and i reached one hand up and played with his smooth balls while reaching down and running my other hand through pk’s hair and on her smooth neck and shoulder. pretty soon joey groaned and nearly choked me to death when he shoved his full dick down my throat and came which was gross but not horrible when compared to the feelings i was getting elsewhere. after that i blew up into pk’s mouth and she sucked really hard and waited until i stopped shuddering. we all lay there for a while and she showed me what felt good to her with her hand guiding mine around her smooth pussy which made me feel really close to her as she softly whimpered and made my fingers wet. after about forty minutes joey was sucking on me and i got hard again and he went on a while but stopped and whispered, i’ve got something for you, and got out of bed for a second. he got into a drawer and came back with a condom, something i’d never seen before, and rolled it down onto my dick which was strangely hot and made me larger than i’d ever been before. then he got up again and said he had to go to the bathroom. as soon as he was out the door pk laid on her back and guided me how to position myself and hold myself up so i would not be too heavy and then she reached down and guided me into her. she gasped for a second and then made a ‘hmmmmm’ sound which then i had no idea meant that i had just broken through her virginity. it was so incredible that i don’t have words even today to describe how smooth and warm and wet and tight and intensely intimate and divine an experience that brought me near tears when i looked into her eyes. we kissed intensely and hugged and moved slowly and then faster and then slowly again. we had played all day and taken the edge off so that it was lasting and lasting and getting more intense all the time. it went on for almost an hour and i was so involved and in heaven that i didn’t even notice that joey had come back in quietly and was softly rubbing our bodies and rubbing in very exciting places and then moving away just before going too far. he surprised me when he stuck his finger in my ass deeply and rubbed something in there that made me see stars and then he played gently with my balls and i think put his finger in his sister too because i felt him rubbing my dick but from outside the place where i was in her. i was nearly exploding. soon we were kissing passionately altogether and finally i ground around like i had on joey for a bit and pk started crying and breathing rapidly and kissing me really hard and then fell back in the bed. Then i felt it coming on in me and i couldn’t stop it and was glad i had the rubber. i exploded over and over and over and over until i thought something was broken but i never felt so good.
well, that was the first, but i’ll just say that it was a good vacation for the whole month and that wasn’t the last.
their older sister knew some cool things and the younger bro…well we had some fun too. what a family vacation!

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