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You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was really in junior high. I don’t usually tell about my experience. Maybe others have had similar young experiences, if so, tell about it. Don’t make up some dream jock fucked your brains out with a 12 inch dick. OK, here is the real deal. During the summer we moved to a new house. Being a junior high girl,I was very social and wanted some friends. This was way before internet or even cell phones. This was during an era of actually getting out on your bike and looking for other humans your size or age. I found Nancy who lived in an old neighborhood a few streets over from ours. Nancy was a rough sort of girl; she cussed and smoked, I did neither. On one of our first outings she stopped by an old lady’s house to look in on her. While in the house making sure the woman had food, etc, Nancy stole some cigarettes, and a couple of beers, plus she collected all of the old woman’s cigarette butts to re-roll into smokes for later. Nancy was an attractive girl about as tall as me but thinner. Actually, I was kind of big. Not over weight, just bigger than Nancy. I had some nice size breast, which Nancy did not have. After we left we went and sat in a huge drainage pipe and drank our beers. This was a first for me. Each sip of beer I just held my breath and swallowed. Actually, by the bottom of the can, I could swallow without beer going up my nose or burning the crap out of my throat. Nancy wanted to take me to ‘The Swing’. We got our bikes and took off. The whole neighborhood was woods, creeks and gullies. Just as we got out of site of houses, Nancy took a detour into the woods, quickly dismounted from her bike and pulled down her shorts and panties. “I gotta take a squat”, she said. My first thoughts were to look away or tell her I would wait for her at the road. She laughed and told me to come over and take a pee with her. Wanting to fit in, I did as I was told. She explained the fine art of pissing in the woods without pissing on oneself. Then out of the blue, she told me I had a nice pussy! I thanked her and told her she too had a neat pussy, after all she did have quite a bit more hair than me. Soon we were on our way to ‘The Swing’. Nancy informed me the neighborhood had a ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine rule’. So expect the boys to ask to see your privates. Now my head was really spinning. Should I turn around and go home or continue on. Was she just bullshitting me? There were four boys at there when we arrived. ‘The Swing’ was a pond, and a rope to swing out on. I immediately noticed two naked young boys waiting in line to swing. The other two boys in the water were my age or older. One of the older boys, called out asking if I was Tammy? Yes, I replied, everyone cheered. OK, now was this the lamb to slaughter cheer or we’re glad to see you cheered? Bert came up to the water’s edge and told me I was cute and had pretty blue eyes. Wow, only my grandmother had ever told me I was cute! Looking down into the water, I could see Bert’s dick floating out from his body. I could not stop looking at it. Now, I had seen my older brother’s dick before, but that did not count. Bert then asks if I was going to go skinner dipping. I did not answer. My mind was racing as to what I was going to do. Then another boy asks if Nancy told me about the club. I nodded. Then show us your boobs shouted one of the young boys. Dumbfounded I just stood there. I looked at Nancy and she gave me a nod, as she peeled off her top. I looked over and watched as she removed her sweat stained bra and then stepped out of her shorts and panties. She pitched them beside her bike and headed for the water. It was deathly quite. Bert then broke the silence by saying, “Look everyone does it, that way no one can rat us out to there moms, they will get into trouble too.” With that I turned my back to the boys, took my top off then slowly unfastened my bra and pitched both into my bike’s basket. Covering myself with my arms, I turned around. With lots of encouragement I moved my arms and displayed my large breast. Mine were the largest these guys had ever seen. Quickly, before I lost my courage I dropped my shorts and panties and jumped in the water. Everyone cheered and I was part of the group!
When I got home my mother quizzed me about where I had been. She got all mad about me hanging out with Nancy and forbid me to see her or any of the boys. She went on and on about how the neighbors had told her all about how mean and nasty those kids were. About two days later I saw Nancy ride by on her bike. My mother was gone, so I went out to talk to her. She told me to come with her to Bert houses for some fun. We rode our bikes up to an open window and Nancy called to announce our arrival. It was hot inside Bert’s house and strong with the smelled of cigarette smoke. We walked down the hallway and into a bedroom. Holy Shit! Bert was on his bed naked and stroking his dick. Nancy immediately started to disrobe and told me to get undressed we did not have a lot time; Bert’s mother would be home soon. Again, I was taken back. As Nancy was removing her top and shorts I just stood there,paralyzed. Bert asked if he could play with my breast. Still today, I can ‘see’ myself getting undressed. I sat down on the foot of the bed and Bert began to suck my nipples. It was the most wonderful feeling. I think that was my first orgasm. As he sucked me, Nancy played with Bert’s dick. He had a long and thick circumcised dick with a big head. Then he laid me back and put my legs in the air and slid his big dick into my pussy. He was instantly fucking me. At first, I closed my eyes and thought about what my mother had told me. Then the feeling got way to good. I could feel his balls slapping my ass and a sticky wetness oozing down my crack. My tits were bouncing up and down and I now my eyes were open and Bert had this wonderful smile on his face. He would go slow then speed up and push hard into me, it all felt so wonderful. The sweat was rolling off of Bert’s neck and chest, and I felt sweat on the back of my knees and leg. Then he abruptly jerked his dick from my pussy and shot his hot cum all the way up to my nipples. The cigarette smell had been replaced by the smell of sex. At first I thought having globs of cum spewed on to my chest and stomach was pretty gross. Nancy grabbed a shirt and wiped it off and Bert fall onto the bed. Before we could fully recover, Nancy whispered oh shit, Tammy your mother is in the driveway. Panic set in as we all instantly dressed. My mother was at the front door and she was pissed. She put my bicycle in the trunk of the car and took me home. When we got home I ran into the house and straight to the bathroom. My mother thought I was upset, I was actually trying to hide my shorts, as they were soaked from our juices leaking out of me. I remember sitting in the bathroom rubbing my still tingling pussy and smelling the odors from my shorts. Bert never got to fuck me again.

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