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way too big

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my dorm room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was a freshman at Purdue and some friends and I were going around to different sorority parties trying to decide if we wanted to pledge, and to which one. The Chi Omega house seemed to have the best crowd and the most fun. Later on the subject became the male penus, who all had seen one, how many, and what did they look like. After many tales of experiences had been tossed around this one girl told of a guy who had the biggest dick she had ever seen. Word had spread around campus about him and pictures taken by guys (and girls) had been circulated. She had a picture and let us all check it out. I could not believe it! It looked like the guy had a third leg! So the next semester I’m in a history class and I recognize this guy from the picture I saw. All I was thinking was that I had to see “it” in person. I had been naked with a few guys before, held and even sucked a few dicks, plus I was dynamite looking, so I followed him out of class. I said “hey, you look familiar, I’ve seen a picture of you somewhere.” He blushed and said “please leave me alone, I’m just about ready to transfer to another school.” I could tell he was embarrased so I asked him to come with me to the union for a coke. We talked for a long time. He was a shy regular guy. He said he was having trouble with history so I offered to help him study. We went to my dorm room and went over the books and our notes. This is when I noticed his dick. As he was sitting on my bed, his pants had an oblong bulge down the leg from his crotch, about half way down to his knee. I had to see this sucker! I asked him a question from a past test and when he got it right I brought my hand down on his leg . . . kindof a “way to go” sort of thing . . . and onto his bulge. I slid my hand along it, gave it a squeeze, then looked him in the eyes and asked him if I could see it. He stood up and dropped his pants. I could not believe what I saw. His penus was huge. As big around as a baseball bat. It was slowly starting to rise with flinching motions. I held it with both hands and it got bigger, longer, harder. I opened my mouth wide and it was all I could do to get my lips and teeth around it. I sucked on the head for awhile and I felt it start to flinch. I reached into my desk drawer and got some KY jelly (no need to know why I had that right now), I smeered it all over his dick and in my vagina, and I asked him to fuck me. I wanted to know, had to know what this would be like. We tried to fuck for hours. He would get inside me just a bit and it would hurt too much. Finally he shot his stuff all over me on the outside. Many times after that we tried to screw and finally I was able to take him inside me, I think he only got a third of his penus inside before he was pressing on my uterus. He was so big. After graduation I don’t know what happened to him. No dick could ever satisfy me again so now I am a lesbian.

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