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TIGGER & DINO !!! (Atlanta, GA.)

Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: on my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I was 26, she was 22. We had met at the Vo-Tech school that we were both going to, she was studing to become a dental technician, I was going to be an auto mechanic.

Anyway, I had just gotten home from school when the phone rang, it was Terri Denise Dove,( one of the group of friends that I had made from school, there was about 8 of us in this group.)She asked if she could come over to talk or do something, I said sure,not Knowing what “something” might be I quickly cleaned up the whole house just in case!

Well she arrived about 45 min. later, and she asked for a tour of the house, stopping in the kitchen she asked for something to drink, & asked if I had any wine coolers, I just happened to have one JD lemonade left, which she drank in about 15 seconds! We then continued on with the tour ending in one of my two bedrooms (It was a big house.),where we started making small talk, then as we were getting a little more comfortable, we had both kicked off our shoes and were sitting on the bed, she looked into my eyes, I could see that she was hurting inside but I didn’t know what from(later I found out that somebody had turned down her advances) so I took her hand and pulled her gently to me as I laid back and took her into my arms & comforted herstrokeing her hair and her back, she looked up into my eyes and smiled, as if to say “thank you for caring.” slowly she moved closer to me an moved up to french kiss me! This was my first time for everything! and then she had me remove my shirt and she removed hers and her bra, her tits were just right a handfull each then she said to get compleatly undressed we both did and she resumed her top position, I then told her that this was my very first time, and she was really happy to be my first, I was too.She climbed on top and it took me a while to figure out where to put my 8″ penis but once it found its mark…. OHH what a FEELING, this hot Pussy had fully engulfed my entire shaft and I could feel it hitting her womb every time she thrust down hard, we were hot and sweting, andpanting for air she asked me to talk dirty to her but all I could say was how she had such a hot wet tight pussy and that i loved her and that i wanted to marry her and she said yes! we kept on for a little over 2 hours and she couldn’t believe my staying power, It’s a good thing a was masturbating all of those years previous! well when we got done, she was surprised that I didn’t just throw her a towel to clean up, instead I went into 69 mode and we cleaned each other up, and then I had gotten behind her in a spoon and cuddled untill we fell asleep in each others arms. when we woke up it was 3 am the next day & we did it all over again, then got in the shower together ( gotta save water!) got dressed and went on to school, after that we where spending every avilable amount of free time in each others arms, in the house, in the woods, by the lake, in my 84 nissan king cab pickup with the front passenger seat removed, so she could lie in the truck naked while I was driving with my left hand and frigging her pussy with my right hand!, behind the movie theater, you name it we did it, for a whole 3 years! eventualy we had to part our seperate ways because I thought that I was the only one in her life but I found out that while I was sick for about three weeks she had sex with a minor (16 yrs old) who had gotten her pregnant which ment she and he had to get married. I do miss the fun (sexual times) that we shared… but remember if you are truely in love or lust see if you can can have a relationship that is not based on sex alone..if you find that special someone, you will have a friend for life!!!

Dino -12/06/1999

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