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Steve did it!!!

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Girl friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I knew it would happen when Sharon called to tell me that her
parents would be out of town in Reno for New Years. The previous
couple of weeks we had been getting real hot to the point where
we both knew that it would happen soon. The point is that I feel
that I am in love with Sharon like love and get married forever.
Like we were getting very close sexually and ready to be one in
Well New Years eve I arrived at Sharons about 9:30PM and she met
me at the door wearing nothing but a robe and pantys. She closed
the door and we joine in a five min hot kiss that made my cock
stand up hard in my jeans. By the time we got over to the couch
Sharons robe was off, my shirt was and my jeans were unbuttoned.
We made out like real hot for a bit and were both naked when Sharon
suggested that we go to her bedroom where we would be more
comfortable. On the bed Sharon spred her legs and I knew it was
time for me to do my thing. I told her I didnt have a condom but
she said she didn’t care that she wanted to feel me in her and
wasn’t afraid if I came in her so I got on the bed between her legs and
put the head of my cock in her opening and pushed. It felt great
warm and hot and tite. I pushed in slowly trying not to hurt
Sharon to much when I pushed through her verginity and then I was
in all the way. We lay their with me inside her kissing a while
and then I began to pump my cock and Sharon was crying and saying
my name and then I knew I was going to shoot and pushed in all the
way and shot my load in her. We lay close together quietly feeling
the intensity of our love and then we did it again. Sometime after
New Years we fucked a third time. Now Sharon and I are more in love
than ever and I’m hoping theirs going to be a baby soon.

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