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Age when it happend: 15
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

At high School there was a girl Called Skyrah. She used to walk round in 5 inch heels and a mini skirt. One Day me and 5 other friends were Sat with her Behind the School Field and we were playing truth or dare. When we asked her who she Liked most, She chose me. After a Bit she dared me dared to stick my hand up her top. I did and then she dared me to pull her panties off. A friend Got told to Undress her until she was just in her bra. At the Time We were only 15 and she was 13. After a while of messing around The other 5 friends Walked back to class. That just left me with a 13 year old girl Sat naked On my knee making out with me. I slowly slid my hand onto her pussy and started rubbing, She moved to sit with her arms around my Neck and her legs around me Waist. Her Boobs rubbed against me and i got an erection. SHe giggled and said she wanted to see and i though, seen as though she was naked, I would let her. After a bit more making out i Took off my Top and Trousers and then my boxers. She kneeled down in front of me and Gave me a blow Job. SHe laid down and stuck her pussy in the air and i fingered her. After about 5 mins, i Stuck my fist in. Se Said it didnt hurt that much even though she was a virgn. I Fucked her for a Bit and then We got dressed. For the Rest of that year we usly Skipped lunch twice a week to do it when she wasnt on her Period. She Even Came into the Boys changing room showers to do it after Sports Once, All the Guys were there but she didnt Care. We stayed together and she is now a porn star and i am an actor.

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