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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was about 14, my sister was about 16. My room was in the basement of our house and hers was next to mine. Everyone else
had their rooms two floors up. We shared a bathroom and pretty much had free run of the
basement. We were always curious. I would start showing up in her room at the same time
as she was getting dressed. I loved to watch her get dressed, she didn’t seem to mind either
except that she would never let me see her cunt or her huge tits without her bra and panties on.
Now mind you, to a 14 year old boy that still wasn’t so bad. She would show me her cleavage and
press her boobs together to make it bigger. I would watch with great eagerness and exploration, which
she didn’t mind at all. She would catch me looking at her ass, so she would pause, if I was looking at her
boobs she would sway just a little bit more, and when I would look at her pussy throught the underwear she
would spread her legs just a little bit and allow me to explore with my eyes. This soon became a daily treat, I would watch her get dressed, she would model in her underwear for
me, and I would just imagine.
She looked great. Her ass was just perfect, not small and bony like most young girls, but developed and rounded with just enough fullness to wrap my dick in. I
could only imagine what her pussy looked like, but through the underwear, it was a dark mound. Her tits were
huge D-size at least, I never grew tired of looking at them, they were round, firm, bounced at just the right times, and were
too big for her bra, adding all the more intrigue to what her nipples looked like.
One night she invited me to her room to watch her get undressed. Now this was new. I never imagined
it could be that much more exciting, but it was. Now I was getting this show twice a day. At first she would just dump her clothes quickly and,
like the mornings, would model in her underwear. Gradually, she started to take more time taking off her
clothes, she knew it drew out my anticipation. Eventually, she asked me to help her take off her clothes.
I almost blew my load right there. I slowly took her clothes just like she would. I started with her shirt taking
up over her head. She pause with the shirt still covering her face and pushed her breasts together for me.
I had never been this close before, I just looked and smelled the sweet aroma of innocent skin. They were beautiful,
even better up close. She finished taking off her shirt. Still entranced by her tits, she guided my hands to her pants,
helping me take them off. I pushed them to the floor. She bent over following me, hanging her firm breast right in front of my face.
As I pushed her pants to the floor, she straightened up to take out her feet. In this motion, my face was inches away from her
pussy. The smell of sweet, alluring innocence was stronger now. I loved the way she smelled, it made me dizzy. She must have
noticed because she told me to go sit down. She modeled for me like she had for many nights now. This continued for a long time.
I would always leave our sessions so hot I couldn’t sit down without pain, so I would blow my load.
One night after our session, she came into my room while I was jackin off. My back was to her as she entered the room. I quickly put
my dick back in my pants and turned around. She asked if she could help me get undressed. I could only nod yes because the knot of
my almost exploding nut was causing me pain. She came over, in her bra and panties, and began removing my clothes. She started with my shirt.
I was 14, but I had developed quickly, I didn’t have huge muscles or anything but I was trim and broad. She let her hands rub my chest as she took
off my shirt. It made me quiver, my dick was aching, I was going to blow my load. She took off my pants as I stood still, not wanting to move. She
stopped to gaze at my 6 inch piece that was bulgingly outlined in my briefs. I was wet from pre-cum and I didn’t know what she would say. She just smiled
and brushed her tits against my throbbing dick as she stood back up, I could hardly bear the aching anymore. She stepped back, sat down on the bed, and
just watched me as I stood there. I caught on, I started to move for her. I caught her looking at my ass, so I paused, mostly she was entranced by my penis. I
did what she would do, I spread my legs a little and let her get a better look. Just like with her sessions, mine ended with me saying goodnight, she left
my room. This new trend continued for about a week, each time I would get a little closer to her when I took her clothes off, then she would return the favor
in my room later on. She would leave and go take a shower while I relieved my self of the mounting pressure.
One night, I noticed that she left the bathroom door open during her shower. I decided that I “needed” to use the bathroom. I walked in quietly and
stood outside the shower catching glimpses of her in the dark. I started to masturbate while watching her, as I watched, my became accustomed to the dark
and I could see her ass and legs. I noticed that she was touching herself, it dawned on me! She was doing the same thing I was doing. I watched her move
faster and faster, I began to go with her. She started to moan and pant, she put her head up and let out a huge grunt and sigh. I let my cum spill freely
on the floor. I left quickly. I hoped that she would discover my spilled load on the floor and know what it was. This soon became a nightly ritual to add to our
developing sessions. Every time I would sneak in after she had started and watch her ass move and back arch with every arousing jolt, never catching the coveted view of
her huge round tits or dark, potent pussy. Every night I would leave my offering
on the floor.
During one of our modeling sessions, she jumped ahead and began undressing me at the same time as I was undressing her. The incidental bumping became more and more
intentional. Soon our bodies were inseperable, I could feel her every move and she could feel mine. Her breast were pressed firmly against my chest, I could only stare.
With the pressure of our bodies, her tits escaped her too small bra. I felt the skin of her breast on my skin. My penis throbbed. She felt it and shifted with me, bumping my piece
adding to my already unbearable ache. She slowly turned around and put her ass against my penis, while exposing her back to me. She raised her hands above her head
pushing back with her firm and enveloping ass against my bulging cock. I could barely keep from erupting right then. She continued back and forth for a few seconds,
then slowly she turned back around and pulled away. She said goodnight and headed to the shower as I headed to my room. Again I followed her to the bathroom and continued my
nightly ritual of watching her masturbate. This night was different, she went on and on, continue to pant throw her head back and let out an animalistic grunt, she did this many times.
All I could do was follow, I spilled many loads for her that night.
The next night our modeling sessions were back to normal, her room, then my room, then her to the shower and me to watch. This night she didn’t start to touch herself, she stood in the shower,
and just let it run over her body. I watched waiting for her to start. She never did, she turned off the water and I quickly exited the bathroom before she could see me. I ran to my bedroom and
laid down in my bed. She followed shortly!! She came in wearing her towel and nothing else. She said she wanted to continue our session. I stood up and she pulled herself very close to me, still with her
towel on. Just like the night before, she bulged out and I felt her breasts on my chest, my cock jumped, she felt it and responded by slowly turning around pushing her warm beautiful ass against
my raging hard cock. She placed her hands above her head and her towel fell to the floor. She slowly dropped her hands to her hips and began to massage my cock with her ass. Moving up and down. Again,
she turned around slowly, this time I saw her!!! Her huge nipples were rock hard and standing straight out, she had the biggest, most beautiful, brown round ripples. I still remember them to this day. Her
boobs were bigger than I thought and standing almost straight out they were so firm. My gaze dropped to her pussy as her hands worked their way down to my hips. He mound was more succulent and inviting than I
ever imagined. It was full with dark hair neatly formed to accentuate her full pussy lips. I was being drawn in by her hole, when I noticed that she was removing by underpants and being as equally entranced.
We just sat and stared for what seemed like forever.
She moved first, she took my cock with both hands and started to caress and pull at the same time. Never had I felt this good. The ache that I often felt was replaced by euphoria, this felt good!! She continued
while she knelt down in front of me. I just watched in amazement as she took my cock in her mouth. I almost fell down as she started to lick and suck and throw my cock around her mouth. She nibbled on my head and bit
my shaft. I had never felt so huge in my life, I knew I was going to blow. She engulfed me one more time as I release my gift in her throat. She continued until I was spent though still hard. She looked at me and turned
around on her knees with her beautiful tight glowing ass facing me. She looked around and told me to kneel behind her. She eased back and enveloped my cock fully in her ass. I was ass fuckin my sister!! She was moaning
and groaning the whole time. It was wonderful. She moved and twisted while I caressed and groped those beautiful breasts that I had longed for. This continued for at least 30 minutes before I could blow my load again.
She pulled off and turned to lick me clean and bring me to full attention. She allowed me to explore her dripping wet hot box. I touched and kissed every part of her body. As I was beginning to get her moaning again with my hand
she grabbed my burning cock and placed it between her breasts I spilled yet another load all over her chest and face. I began to finger fuck her pussy and ass while she licked me clean.
She stood up after she had licked me clean and said goodnight. She went to her room and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke to the sound of the shower. I got up and went into “watch”. This time she knew I was there, grabbed me
by the dick and pulled me in. Without a word she lowered herself to her knees and sucked me dry again. This was too good!! I just stood there. When she was done she turned of the water and grabbed her towel and headed to the bedroom.
I followed to watch her get dressed. She wasn’t getting dressed!!! She was lying on the bed waiting for me. She was wide open and dripping wet, not only from the shower, but her pre-cum. I went to her and began caressing her breasts, I
began to pull on them and push them. She was grunting in agreeance with every push and pull. I played with her nipples and kissed them. I started to bite her tits, she started to moan and scream with pleasure. Finally, I had her huge
breasts. She guided my hand to her pussy. She was hot! I was overcome with her smell. I went down on her, I went high inside her touching every part with my tongue, I sucked on her clit, then I began to nibble it and she screamed so loud.
She threw me down and grabbed my huge cock and thrust it inside. She rode me so hard I had burns on my hips. She came and came and came.
Needless to say our sessions became a nightly routine and although we have both moved away, when we are visiting at home, we sneak downstairs and indulge in a little “modeling”.

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