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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Mark's car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I’ve been going out with Mark for about a month, he’s cool, the first time we were together he rubbed my tits under my blouse
and then stuck his hand inside my jeans under my panties and touched my pussy, he stuck his finger inside me – it felt good,
I just rubbed his penis throough his jeans, I could tell it was hard, it felt big, last weekend we went to the movies, after
wards we parked, we were kissing hard, he put his hand under my skirt under my panties and put his finger in me again, he asked
me to touch him, I unzipped his jeans, he helped and he pulled his penis out – I touched it – he showed me how to rub it, he
started to kiss me again as his finger was still in me and now I was rubbing his penis, he stopped and asked me if he could
put it by my pussy, I told him yes, we got in the backseat and he pulled off my panties, then he got over me and I felt it
touch my pussy, I felt him reach down and with his hand he parted my lips and put it there, then he started kissing me again,
I felt him move his hips and I felt a sharp pain, he kept kissing me, the pain got real bad and then I thought I felt something
inside me, I told him don’t fuck me, he said OK but I felt him move his hips – all I know I felt something that hurt, I told him
it was hurting, he said just a minute, I felt him like jerk or something then he quit, when I got home I went to the bathroom, it
stung when I went pee and I looked at my panties,
my panties had a spot of blood on them and some sticky stuff, I felt sore, two days ago we went out again to his friends house,
on the way home we stopped and parked, we were kissing hard again, he asked me if I’d rub his penis, I unzipped his jeans and
pulled it out – it felt hard – he starting to finger me again, after a couple of minutes he asked if he could put it next to me
again – I told him yes, we got in the backseat again – he took off my panties, and leaned over me, he reached down and I felt him
against me again, he kissed me hard, I felt him move his hips, then I felt his penis first between my pussy lips, then I felt it
slid into me, he started to move in and out, it was feeling good, he said something about spreading my legs wider – I did – I felt
him deep inside me – it was hurting but feeling good – suddenly he started to jerk again and then he stopped, I asked him whats
wrong – he said ‘ nothing ” , he handed me my panties – I put them on – as he drove me home I felt real wet like my panties
were wet – we he got me home he kissed me hard, I told him ” it felt like you were inside me ” he said he was. When I went to the
bathroom later my panties had another spot of blood on them and more sticky stuff. I think he broke me.

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