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She LOVED Younger Guys!

Where it happened: my room
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I came in from basketball practice and got the shock of my life. I walked by my little brother’s room and he was on his bed fucking a girl. He was and the girl was definitely older and was a real knockout. This was the first naked girl I had seen in person and she looked as good as my magazine girls did. But what was my brother doing with her????? (I knew what he was doing, but how?) My brother was on top and their heads were both facing away from the door so they couldn’t see me. Besides, they weren’t paying attention to anything but each other. She had her legs clamped around my brother and she was moaning like crazy. My little brother was definitely having a good time! I was so jealous and was getting so horny. After it looked like my brother had cum, I left the doorway and went to my room. After a few minutes I called my brother’s name out and asked him to come to my room. He walked in wearing his boxers and I asked him who the girl was. He wasn’t embarassed, in fact I think he was proud. He said she of his swimming coaches. She was in high school and they just ended up together. Now my brother was a good looking guy and I could imagine a girl wanting to fuck him, but I was still jealous. Just then, she came to my room with just a towel wrapped around her. “Who’s this?” she asked and my brother introduced us. We talked a bit then she surprised both of us. She dropped her towel and casually said she really enjoyed having sex with two guys time. She sat down on the edge of my bed where I was sitting. This was crazy. Here was an awesome naked girl on my bed offering herself to me, but I felt weird because she had just been with my brother and I couldn’t fuck his girlfriend, if that was what she was. It was my little brother that came to the rescue. “Hey dude, what are you waiting for?” he said. “Don’t keep her waiting.” Then it got crazy. She reached over and took off my tank top and my brother was untying my shoes and pulled them off along with my socks. So I just laid back and she pulled off my shorts. Just looking at her naked body had got me all hard and her mouth was on my dick right away. This was moving so fast that I couldn’t believe it. Her blow job felt so good. By now my naked brother was lying next to me and he said, “hey do I get some too?” “Just wait” she said. She stopped sucking and sat herself right on top of me. Then, just like that, my dick was in her pussy. She started riding me up and down. She told my brother to stand up next to her. He did, and she took his dick, which was bigger than I had imagined it was, and started sucking him as she was fucking me. It was a little bit awkward, especially for her, but we two guys were enjoying it. Then she stopped and told us to change positions. She was on her back and I got on top of her and re-entered her. Then she had my brother lie sideways across her face with his dick in her mouth. Now this was really weird. I was fucking her pussy but was looking down at my brother’s back and ass. So I just closed my eyes. This was actually better cause I could just concentrate on me fucking her. The feel of pussy was nice. No wait, it was FUCKIN’ NICE. I and getting laid and what the fuck, I was happy for my brother too. So I just kept fucking until I came all inside of her. GREAT FEELING! I pulled out of her and she said “why don’t you let your brother finish inside of me. “OK” I said, and he took my place. Now I got a good look at her tits and I really wanted to play with them. So I stuck my head underneath my brother’s chest and planted my lips right on one of her tits. I licked and sucked it while I was massaging her breasts with my hand. “Oh, that’s great” she said. My brother took a long time to cum, but she was definitely having orgasms. I moved my mouth from nipple to nipple, and was living out the fantasies I used to have looking at my magazines while beating off. After my brother came, I was all hard again and this time she said, “now, just you.” I got back on top and my brother just laid own beside us and watched. We must have fucked for a good 15 minutes, and she was scratching my back and licking my chest and just driving me crazy. When I couldn’t take it any more, I came like crazy a time. Then I crashed next to her and she put an arm around each of us. So weird but so nice.

We never got to fuck her again because a few days later she went for another boy on my brother’s team and his mom caught them fucking and caused big trouble. Since she 8 she was charged with statutory rape and it was a big mess. However, my brother and I were grateful to lose our virginity on the same day and it was the wildest thing we have ever done.

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