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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: at work
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well this experience is really something that i did not plan or expect but i will tell everyone my experience. At the time when this happened, i just turned 16 and recently got my first summer job at an ice cream shop and was looking forward to be earning some extra money. Well about only a week after i started working there, my shift manager, brad who was 21 started to flirt with me a lot. He also did piercings and tattoos on the side which i thought was kinda neat but not really my thing since i was raised Mormon. He was kinda cute but i didn’t want to flirt with him since he was older than me and i was just trying to concentrate on doing my job and church. Well, one night after the store closed (it was about 9:30pm on a saturday night), he asked what my plans are. I just told him I have to be at home at 10pm since I go to church every sunday at 8am. Well, we started talking in the back room and he flirted more and more with me. He even said he can give me a free piercing since he had all the tools in his car. I only had my ears pierced but he said he could pierce my bellybutton for free. My parents would totally be dead set against it but he said that i can take it out at anytime. I really didn’t want him to do this since he was my manager but he insisted. So he talked me into it and i gave into him piercing my bellybutton. Then after he was done doing that, he started to get close to me and he ran his hands through my hair and then wanted to kiss me. I really didn’t want him to and I felt very uncomfortable but he did anyway. After kissing me, he started to cuddle me and then he put his hands up my yellow polo shirt and i was like so scared. He then wanted to unzip my jeans but i told him no and its going too far. But he did anyway and i have never had a guy do this to me before. Here i was, a 16 year old high school student working my first job and this guy just pierced my bellybutton and then started to slide my jeans totally off. After my jeans were off, all i was wearing was my yellow polo with white thong panties and white socks. He then started to take off his jeans and then he was only is his wifebeater and boxers. I did not know what to expect since i have never been in this position before. Well, he then started to slide his boxers off and he showed me his dick. It was so big and so thick and i have never even seen one in person before. He then put me on my back and he ripped my white thong panties totally off. I was so scared and then he spread my tanned athletic legs totally apart. He then went on top of me and started to slide his thick and hard 9 inch dick so deep inside of me.. he didn’t even have a condom.. at first it hurt like crazy and i was crying to tell him to stop.. He then ripped my yellow polo shirt off and then he unclipped my bra off as well.. so here i am, only wearing my socks and a new bellybutton ring that this guy gave me and a 16 year old mormon girl and i have a 21 year old guy with his thick hard 9 inch dick so deep inside of me.. he was playing with my nipples and also made me say stuff i didn’t want to.. so basically he made me moan and scream.. and after his dick was inside of my pussy for about 10 minutes, it started to feel really good.. I told him to fuck me hard and deep.. after it happened and it was all done, he cummed on my tits.. it was a summer to remember because when we closed with each other, he always fucked me hard and deep.

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