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Current Age: 30
Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Ugh. Okay so I went to go pick up my girlfriend to go on a date. I arrive to pick her up but she needed to put her clothes on because she just got out the shower. She invited me in with a skinny towel on. She was home alone so the vibe was weird. She left her panties in the dryer so she sent me to go get it while she does her hair. I got them out but then I started getting a hard I knew it was kind of perverted so I just waited until it got soft except it didn’t so I just kind of hid it with the pile of panties. I Bought it to her and she picked a pair out. She told me to go into her bedroom and make my self at home so I walk in and sit down at the foot of her bed. It was squeaky but comfy. I sit the clothes down next to me luckily without a boner. Or so I thought. My girlfriend comes out with a hot dress on but starts to pull it off slowly almost as if a garage opens. First I see her cunt then her boobs pop out. The dress is completely off and she throws it on the floor. My cock is poking through my pants. She starts walking towards me with her boobs bouncing. She bring my head and plants it in between them. She whispers ” I think it’s time for me to show you a good time” with my voiced muffled by her breast I say “ok sure”
She starts unzipping my pants while I pull off my shirt. My only clothing left is my boxers which really shows my dick. She pulls them down and my 6.5 inch uncircumcised penis pops out and points straight in the air. She starts licking the head of it then starts sucking it fast and furiously giving no fucks. Then while she’s sucking I start fingering her. I’m moaning loud beach use I do not think I’ve ever been sucked like this before. Then she rolls me over on my back then gets on top and starts riding my cock. I was like a horse she was riding so swiftly. Then she stops only to roll a condom on my hog. She starts riding again until I let my cock let it all out while I’m grabbing her big tits. I get all my cum out then I withdrawal. We then fell asleep. I think I fell asleep grabbing her tit and she was holding my dick i don’t remember.

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