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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: HIS house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Well i was walking to my boyfriends house and I never even thought that we had would be having sex. I walked up to his door (knowing that his mom wouldnt be home for 3 days and his brother wouldnt be home till tomorrow) so i just walked in…he was sitting there on the computer listening to music. favorite song was playing…Living Dead Girl “Ive always wanted to fuck to this song” we my 1st words as i walked behind him, I could tell i scared him becuz he quickly turned around. “Wow really?” his reply was know i was kidding we both laughed. He was sitting at his computer and i sat on his lap with my legs wrapped around him like always. He kissed me softly then i slid my tongue into his mouth and i got up…as i walking into his room i turned on my favorite song..he quickly got up from the computer i knew this becuz i heard goodbye he walked in his room and i was laying on his bed..I got up and i gently kissed him on the lips he sat down and i sat again the opposite way.. we just started making out and he stoped walked over and locked his door, he walked over to be and unbuttoned my shirt he started to kiss my neck and then slowly he removed my bra and began sucking on my breasts, i removed his shirt and then i started to un zipper his pants, since he was hard i kneeled down and i left his huge cock enter my mouth…after a few minutes or so he started to cum into my mouth…I had never givin oral sex before so i figured o well…and i swallowed. he groaned with pleasure he slowly undressed me as i did to him and he layed my on his water bed my clothes, bra and panties were all off of me and he was completely naked too we began kissing again and he slowly slid his cock into my wet pussy, soon he “came” into me and it was the best feeling in the world…i loved him so much and i wished that we never had to leave each other… finally we both got up and put our clothes back on. realizing that we were completely in love with each other…i stayed over his house and we had sex a lot that night it was great and i am still with him

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