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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: camping
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

wow, it seems like ive held this in for so long. but i need to tell someone finally and i found this site. I went often with a group of friends from my church to a camping area that was about a half day’s hike from our small town. there was a nice rocky beach lake and it was surrounded by heavy forests. when we were just hitting puberty at 10-12 we all began talking some and joking more about girls and sometimes sex..though we were mostly clean mouthed because of our beliefs. once we hit 12 our parents began to let us spend the night out at the lake as long as we took our cell phones and checked in to let them know that all was well and no one was hurt. i think they also probably did the parental lie detector thing that all parents seem to be able to do when listening to their kids voice.

also about this time,since we could first remember we had all loved to go skinny dipping when we swam. just when it was dark at first but later on the thrill was to do it when we could get caught in broad daylight by hikers. i don’t remember exactly when the first time was but i remember it was on one of these over nighters that i got my first real ‘bone-a-fide’ erection that i could hang a bowling ball from and keep it straight out. i stayed in the water and it seemed to last forever. my friends kept wanting to get out and go eat and finally i agreed and just walked up and out of the water with “little cam” raging hard. my friends stared at first and then they teased me a little but i just told them that it happened and i couldn’t do anything about it. it stayed that way throughout dinner and even as we sat naked around the camp fire. i don’t know if i should have sought a doctor after four hours of that but there was no pain and the guys just started to ignore it. but that summer i was to find out that i was not the only one to start spending more time up than down whether it was with or without clothing! i remember one particular trip in july when i was fourteen. my best friend (nicky) and i and a couple of other guys went to the lake and we spent a couple hours in the water playing around, racing each other across the lake and back and laying out in the sun. nicky wanted me to go up the trail to a rock climb that he wanted to try and so i went to get dressed and go with him…but he said we should do it nude. i never got the idea that he was trying to be sexy or anything because he had a girl friend at school and so i just shrugged and decided to take the risk. but along the way we heard some girls giggling and talking as they made their way along the trail and we ran into the woods and hid until they went past. when they were gone i stood up and…out. and for the first time i noticed that nicky had gotten a major hard on as well. we were both athletic and into every sport and in pretty well developed shape but we were both shaved for swim team and so we looked younger than our 14 years. but funny thing is that makes you look bigger than you really are also.. but now we were not thinking so much about rock climbing as being seen out here together naked with 5-6 inch antennae sticking out in front of us as we walked together. that was when nicky had his big idea. he suggested that we jerk off and return our equipment to normal size. i had never done this myself let alone with or in front another guy and so i kind of just watched nicky as he reached down and slowly squeezed and pulled out on his dick. i felt funny and my own dick kind of twinged and bounced and he had a strange look on his face. so i decided right on the spot that i wouldn’t let him know that i was inexperienced and i just reached down and did whatever he did. i was surprised at how amazing it felt. he then reached down with his other hand and started rubbing his balls..and of course i started doing the same. i felt as though i would explode at any moment and got kind of dizzy and before i knew it i lost my balance feeling in the knee and kind of went light headed towards nicky. out of pure instinct i let go of my dick and reached out to try and keep from falling. he saw me and stopped to reach out and catch me.

and that’s how i first ended up in his arms. both hard, both turned on from jacking off and for the moment emotionally dependent on him because i had never come near fainting before, i was scared and i needed him. nicky held me in his arms until i was steady and then helped me over to a sunny patch of grass away from the path to sit me down. i was amazed at the concern i saw in his eyes and he just kept saying “oh my god, cam, are you alright?” he helped me sit down and asked me if i needed to lay down for a little. i was embarrassed now and just let him hold me in his arms for a little while without saying anything. he just said “im so sorry cam” and i mumbled something about him not needing to be sorry that i was just being stupid. that was the most thrilling moment in my life. i had never had a girl friend and i looked up to nicky as not only a best friend by a guy’s guy and super neat and sensitive human being. he was the guy that everyone just wanted to be around all the time. he just chuckled a little and got a kind of shy grin on his face and reached out and ran his fingers through my curly blond hair and said “you’re not stupid, you just didn’t know what to expect..that’s what i love about you, you’re so honest”…i couldn’t believe it! he said ‘love about you’! i had no idea how to take that but there i was in his arms warm and shaking a little and in the afternoon sunlight. after a while he noticed that i was still shaking a little and he asked if i was cold. i told him not really, just feeling weird. he lay me back on the grass a little bit and then did what i never expected and will never forget. he took me in his arms and just held me. i think about those moments still. our chests touched and our stomachs brushed against each other and he just asked if i wanted him to hold me and keep me warm. i breathed a near silent ‘yes’ to him and he drew me closer to him. every part of our bodies now made contact. even our dicks and balls were perfectly aligned and resting against each others bodies. he rested his face down into the hollow of my neck and just breathed slowly and his heart beat slow, regular but strong against my chest. i was embarrassed as tears started coming to my eyes. it was like i has never lived before that day and now the moment would soon be over and i didn’t believe he could want what i wanted in that moment.

nicky pulled back his face from my neck and looked at my eyes and asked how i was doing. he almost looked alarmed at my tears and reached up slowly and brushed them away. it was magic and he was merlin in that moment. his eyes smiled and his forehead rested gently against mine and he just said “it’s ok to feel ok” he brushed his lips against mine so lightly and then said, “i was raised to believe that everyone is beautiful and that it is ok to feel good and be natural…that’s just part of being a nudist in my family..my aunt calls us all pagans but i think she’s just jealous that her world is so small”. i took this all in and wondered what he meant and then he pressed his lips gently against mine and i couldn’t believe it when his tongue slipped a little into my mouth and how exciting it was as i responded by allowing mine to probe just a tiny bit into his. i felt his hand slide down my back and onto my ass as he held me to him and whispered “are you sure you’re ok”. I just continued to weakly permit every feeling and emotion and sensation as our bodies became more and more intertwined. i don’t know how long it was like that until i felt him kiss my neck and then his tongue played softly with my nipples and my belly button. i knew but i didn’t know what was going to happen. i was still a little light headed. i had never so much as played with myself in the shower and now i was running my fingers softly through nicky’s long brown hair and knowing that he was going to kiss a part of me that was as yet unexplored to me. suddenly i felt my dick slide into his mouth and an explosion of sensation of warmth and joy and happiness and closeness to nicky and gratitude as the feeling of thrill increased it felt like i was going to explode. and then all of a sudden i felt his finger move up into my ass and he massaged something behind my balls from both inside and out that made my brain just explode into stars and intimacy and feelings that i could never have imagined existed. my balls began to ache and my dick was harder than it had ever been, my ass and my whole hips began to quiver and i moaned without knowing what this was. nicky kept on for what seemed like forever (though he said that first time was only a few minutes)and my world burst as my sex exploded into nickys mouth and he increased his pressure and sucked harder and massaged me harder and it felt like it would never end. by now i was simply crying softly…a fourteen year old boy lost in a wonderland of feelings and sensations that were like nothing i had ever known. a closeness to nicky that i couldn’t describe. he lay with me and required nothing of me that day. he kissed me gently and caressed every inch of my body over and over and explained so much of how i felt and that it was ok. that night it was a little bit chilly and nicky made the practical suggestion that we all pair off and zip our bags together and keep each other warm. just being with him that night was again a privilege that i will never forget. the next week we met at his home after school to ‘do home work’ every day as he taught me how to give as well as get in a relationship. he showed me what girls like as well one day when his girl friend came over. she was really open to it and she and he showed me how it worked and demonstrated safe sex and respect for each other. she wanted to see nicky and i together as she had never understood how boys enjoy each other and he and i went into our own world as if she were not even there. later that night since his mom worked they both demonstrated the joy of joining with a girl. even though she was on the track team and had a lean and firm body and was not as full lipped and soft as he was, it was a whole different experience that i found extreme and enjoyable.

i’ll never forget that first day in the woods, or that night in the sleeping bag where we simply explored and were together for warmth. or that first weekend of exploration and education with a willing and knowledgeable girl.

i still am with nicky and we are together often. although we have had our phase of risk taking and even openly showing our affection at school it seems unshakable and beautiful and there is nothing that anyone can do or say that makes it ugly. i love to go with his family to the nudist beaches in the area and they have invited me on vacation with them as well. they are thrilled that nicky has a close friend that he can share his lifestyle with. my folks are not quite as open about it but they allow me to be naked at home as long as there are no visitors other than nicky. nicky’s family has accepted me and our relationship and reassure both of us that they are in full support of whatever decisions we make as long as we are responsible about it. we have had some wonderful fists since then but that is another story…

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