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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Perhaps it isn’t good to talk about, but it did happen.

It was a Saturday morning. Our parents had gone to a funeral that morning in another city and my older sister and myself were home alone.

She had walked into the bathroom as I was taking a shower. I’d forgotten to lock the door and I was masturbating my erect penis as she walked in there! She squealed and turned and got right out, calling me a filthy pig, but then not too long after she came back and closed the door behind her.

The curtain to the shower was now closed. It was then that she had opened up the curtain, and looked at me face to face while I stood naked underneath the shower, and then like an older sister should when her younger brother misbehaves she began to lecture me and told me that it wasn’t right, suggesting it would make me blind.

I hadn’t cum, or squirted. Her unexpected entrance to the bathroom had inhibited my progress! My cock was still erect, and she was standing there in front of me while I just stood there naked feeling stupid! Her eyes kept glancing down toward my cock, as she continued talking. My shaft it seemed would not get soft!

She said that it was large, much larger than she might have thought! She asked if I had ever seen a naked woman? I lied and told her that I hadn’t.

She opened up her robe for me to see that she was naked, her furry little pussy bulging out between her thighs, her gorgeous tits the nicest I had seen!

She touched my cock. It stiffened more. She told me that it wasn’t good to have such feelings at my age. The robe came off. She left it on the bathroom floor and stepped into the shower right beside me.

We used the soap and washed each others bodies, and then her hand began to rub my cock and she asked me if I liked it? There was no question that I did. The knob began to swell quite large; the shaft extending further!

I washed the bulge of pussy lips, her thighs now open for me. I felt of her responding, then she turned her back toward me and my cock just slid right in…

…and then we fucked. My cock was anxious! She responded!

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