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neighbor irene

Current Age: 37
Age when it happend: 37
Where it happened: her flat
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

We know each other for five years and live with our families in the same house. Also our kids meet quite often and play in the garden. This year we were both looking for new jobs and spent more time at home than regulary. While our partners went out for work, we began secretely spending some time of the day togehter, especially during lunch time. We felt very comfartable with each other and our friendship became closer than it should. More and more we were exchanging amorous views and soft touches. One time, I was preparing lunch, she approached from behind and pressed her body against mine. While looking over my shoulder our cheeks seemed to caress eachother. I turned around kissing her cheek and whispering in her ear how wonderful she was and that we have to be cautious. During lunch we sat very close together enjoying the affinity. Despite several obvious possibilities andviews we both were to shy to kiss eachother . And it did not change when saying good bye, even though we could not hide each others attraction, being in each others arms for minutes.
She went home, but called me one minute later, as she had locked herself out. I went over and we managed to open the door with a credit card. She felt very reliefed, and we embraced in front of the door. As I kissed her forehead she pulled me inside and closed the door. As she said please go ahead and pressed her young body against mine, we knew instinctively knew that there was no way back. Moments later we found us heavily kissing on her bed, while our hands opened a way under each others clothes. She was laying o top of me and I opened her bra and started buttoning down her shirt, carresing her breasts she began to moan and we widely removed the rest of our clothes. Luckily she had a condom ready and we began to act out our appetite for two hours.
Several attempts to end the affair failed, as we always and up making love.

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