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My Slutty Mom

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Mom's Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My mother is a slutty pig, but sexy. She had me when she was 15 and she has been a slut ever since. She dresses like a slut and acts like a slut, but she reeks sex like no one else I’ve ever known. She drinks too much and brings guys home to fuck all the time. I was aware of all of this before I was ten.

When I was twelve, she came home one night alone but drunk as a slutty skunk. She wore a mini-skirt and flopped on her stomach on her bed and was asleep within minutes. She slid a bit toward the edge and her skirt slid up her thighs. The bitch was not even wearing panties and her pussy was just there, all puffy and inviting and just looking at me. I pulled her boots off her feet and this caused her to slide even more toward the edge of the bed and moved her skirt up almost to her waist. After a while, I got undressed, sat on the floor behind her and jacked off looking up at her pussy. A little later, I spread her legs real wide. She was out cold and did not ever stir. I jacked off again standing between her spread legs. I shot my jizz all over her ass and she slept through it all.

I finally could not stand it any more and I got between her legs and slipped my dickhead between her pussylips. She was still out cold, so I fucked her real slow and gentle like. I pulled out before I came and shot jizz all over her ass again. I cleaned her up with a towel. A half hour later I fucked her again. This time I came inside her. It was so good I almost fainted.

After that, I fucked her every time she came home drunk. Sometimes I mixed sleeping pills in her gin and waited for her to have “a nightcap” and then pass out. I always made sure she was out cold before I did it, but I fucked her a lot, always from behind like the first time. She woke up once while I was fucking her, but she thought I was some guy she had been with earlier and just went back to sleep with my dick inside of her.

I been fucking her six years now, and she does not suspect a thing. She is the only woman I have ever fucked. She is a slutty pig, but she is very sexy and I love her. Most of all, I love jizzing in her pussy. I wish I could fuck her when she is awake, but I know she wouldn’t let me.

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