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“Mom’s the Word”

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: In my best friends backyard
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was July of 1982, and I was 17, I used to spent alot of time at my best friends house. He had a large swimming pool in his parents backyard. His mother, who was a very attractive, sexy women in her early 40’s used to joke and tease us about how we should go out and meet some women.

At 17, I really did’nt give my friends mother a second look, after all…She was my best friends mom!

I also did’nt notice how she would wear very revealing bathing suits and pose in interesting positions around the pool.

One Saturday afternoon, As usual, I headed over to “Gregs” house to see what he was up to. His mother answered the door in a long T-Shirt and said that Greg would be back shortly and invited me in to wait by the pool.

We went into the backyard, where she proceded to lay down on her lawn chair facing me. I slipped into the pool and turned to ask her a question, that’s when I first noticed that she was’nt wearing anything under that T-Shirt. She lay back with her legs spread open giving me an full view of her wonderful pussy. I did’nt know what to say or do, all I felt was this huge boner in my shorts and that my friend Greg would be home any moment?

Greg’s mother then reached down between her legs and started rubbing and fingering herself, she then sat up with a big smile and said, can you do something for me?

I forgot all about Greg’s immediate arrival and jumped out of the pool with my swimming trunks sticking out like a pup tent.

Greg’s mother, pulled her pussy lips apart and said, I need to to lick me right here, which I did! I was so horney, I could’nt believe it, I was actually going to get laid….

Greg’s mom then pulled off her top to review her wonderful breasts. I continued to suck on gapping, wet pussy, while she fondled her tit’s. She then reached around and pulled off my bulging trunks, I think she was surprised to see a 17 year old with a throbing 9″ inch cock. She took in both hands and with a big smile said, I am about to make you a man!

She took my whole cock into her mouth and moved up and down as fast as she could. I could not believe this, this was fantastic! After about 10 minutes, I felt my self getting ready to blow my load, my cock was so swollen that she had a hard time holding it in her mouth. That’s when she pulled it out of her mouth and jerked me off on to her huge tits!

She then said, I want to fuck your cock dry!

Greg’s mom got onto all fours and spread her pussy apart with one hand and said, what are you waiting for?

This was it, I grabbed her ass with both hands and thrust my hard full 9 inches into her wet tight pussy as hard as I could. She let out a shrill, fuck me! fuck me harder!

I contined to fuck her like a mad dog for about 20 minutes, my cock and balls were covered in her pasty white come. She then told me to sit down in the lawn chair and proceded to climb onto me with her back against my stomach. She grabbed my cock and worked it in to her tight little asshole. The whole time she was telling me to fuck her, fuck my asshole. She was humping my huge cock so hard, that the chair started to break. We fucked for at least another hour, in every position you could imagine. Greg did finally make it home about 10 minutes after his mother fucked me dry, as she promised!

Greg’s mother & I continued with our intimate friendship 2 to 3 times a week for the next 4 years. Greg & I are still best of friends, he or his father never knew of our past relations and to this day, when ever I run into his mother, she always find the time to suck me dry!

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