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Miracles do happen!

Current Age: 20
Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Sisters house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was 17 years old, going into the senior year of high-school. All of my friends were having sex. All of my friends were white/black. I remember reading an article in middle school and hearing from everyone that asians had small penis’s. I believed it was true.. I was about 5 inches erect until about 18. I was also uncircumcised. Being indian was not cutting it. So I told everyone I was mixed with half Hawaiian.. From grades 9-11 I didn’t have the best looking teeth. I had the biggest crushes on girls but never got myself anywhere.. I made it clear to my mom that I wanted straight teeth for my senior pictures, and she agreed! Senior year came around and my teeth looked spectacular.. I came back to school and girls were more into me. They didn’t know what had changed in me but I was more confident, I tried a different hairstyle and I felt good. I met this girl who was new to my school she had just moved into our town ( military relocation ). I started liking this girl but she started liking my best friend. After realizing he was an asshole and was only into one night stands she found me. I asked her to home coming and she agreed after turning me down 2 times. Homecoming was great and she had looked beautiful. After homecoming ended it was about 10:50 ish and she said she wasn’t ready to go home yet but she also didn’t want to go out to eat at iHop or Denneys like all the other kids were doing. So I quickly remember my sister was out of town with her husband and I asked her if she wanted to go to her place, she quickly agreed. After the 5 minute drive to her house we walked in and was complimenting the house and how nice it was. I told her how cool my sister was about me having friends over, so she slowly loosened up. She took off the cardigan she was wearing and I could see parts of her bra. Her bra size was 34D which was wayy bigger than I could ever imagine of even laying my hands on. But she sat with me on the couch, we hung out for a bit just casual talk then she asked my why I was so shy, she mentioned how cute she thought I was then we started talking about our sex lives, she told me she had slept with “only” 7 guys, and I told her that “I lost count” my honest count was “0”…After all of our chit chat she said she wanted to go lay down, I asked if she wanted me to take her home, she neglected and said she wanted to just hang out with me through the night, she said her mom wouldn’t care. We went downstairs to the guest bedroom and laid on the futon. She asked if she could remove her dress, I said sure.Before I knew it she was on top of me kissing me. I was so nervous because the lights were on and I knew that maybe she would ask to see my penis.. (I am uncircumsized) I was so nervous maybe she hadn’t seen one before and thought I was gross.. After the kissing I started touching her boobs, and she slowly started taking my shirt off and kissing my chest, neck, stomach. She took full control of me and undressed me up until my boxers is when I stopped her. I asked if she wanted the lights off and she said “sure” I was so thankful she said yes…. *so much stress relieved..Lights went low and so did my boxers, she grabbed my rock hard cock and started stroking, she put her mouth down to it and started giving me a blowjob and I felt like I was going to cum in seconds, so I pulled her up and said “shh i thought i heard something” she froze and I let my stamina recharge and said, “can i eat you out” she said “you didn’t have to ask silly” so I planted my face near her shaved vagina and the scent wasnt so pleasant but i got past it. After a few minutes of spelling out the “A,B,C” on her vagina she asked me to put it in, she kept moaning and saying “oh you’re so big” after a few minutes she asked if I had ever done anal? I replied saying of-course, thinking the only reason she would ask is because she had done it. So she said want to? I said sure. She quickly grabbed a condom out of her purse and put it on me, She slid my penis into her tight butthole and after about 10-15 strokes i came. She was so pleased.. She kept talking about the sex after.. Monday when we went to school somehow all of the girls knew I had sex because she talked about it with everyone..

Well that was Highschool times.. Now im engaged to her!

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