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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Trip to Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I lost my virginity on my thirteenth birthday thanks to my cousin Kelli and recieved an unwanted present. Kelli was 18 and very much my idol. My parents had let me go to Myrtle Beach with Kelli and her Mom and Dad as a birthday present. The day before my borthday Kelli told me that a guy she had met and a friend of his wanted us to go to a movie the next day. She said her Mom had agreed that I could go since she was going and didn’t want me to have to stay home without her on my birthday. That afternoon Kelli told me she had me a birthday pewsent but that I would have to wait until that evening to get it. I assumed she was going to give it to me later that evening or after we got back. The guys took us out to eat then to a movie. After the movie Kelli said we were going to a place a park for a while. I had never even been out on an actual date before and really didn’t consider this as one. The guy Kelli was with was 19 and the guy he had brought with him was 17. We parked and before long Kelli and her guy ewere really making out. I felt kinda awkward but pretended not to be. The guy I was with eventually kissed me. I had never kissed except a one party that we played a game at so I was very inexperienced. When he told me to open my mouth a little I didn’t know what he was going to do but when he french kissed me I got the message very quick. We made out a little and I lost attention as to what Kelli and the guy she was with were doing. We were kissing and Kelli called my name. I stopped and she said she had something to talk to me about but that we needed to take a short walk to do it. I was really confused but said ok. We got out of the car and walked a few step away and she looked at me and said…”remember I said i had a gift for you?”. I told her yes and she annouced..”I think it’s time for you to try sex.” I just looked at her in surprise but she ask me if she had ever told me anything wrong before. I said no and she said to just trust her and go alnong with the guy. She said that shee would be there if anything went wrong. We got back in the car and i guess it had pretty much been predetermined that it was going to happen. Before we had hardly gotten back in Kelli and her guy were down in the front seat and it was very obvious what was going on. The guy I was with kissed me on the lips then started french kissing me again. One thing led to another first playing with my tiny tits then making it to my very private area. To say the least I got very excited when he put his fingers inside me. He played with me for a few minutes then stopped…removed my panties and then pulled his jeans and shorts down. I was very embarassed to say the least. He took a condom out of his wallet….opened it and got between my legs. We kissed a few more times then I felt him trying to get it in me. At first he was having trouble getting it in because but the more excited i got the easier it got for him to enter me. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. When we finished I put my panties back on and we just kissed for a while. Kelli and her guy were talking and when she realized we were up she looked at me and said “well ??”. I just smiled at that was all. We stayed there for a while then the guys took us home. I went to the bathroom and notice what I thoght was some kind of discharge. I clened up a little then went back to the room Kelli and I were sharing. I told her about the discharge and she said that that was odd. She ask me to pull my pajamas down and I did. She took one look and said…”that bastard !!!”. She said “did he not use a condon ?” and I told her he had gotten one out. She ask me If I had seen he put it on and I told her no. Then she told me he was still running out of me. I had only been having my pweiod for about four months but my next one didn’t arrive at all. I had gotten pregnant my very first time. At thirteen I had the experience of an abortion.

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