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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This story is absolutely true even though her name has been changed. Beth and I had been friends for about 10 years when this happened. She had been married to a friend of mine for eight. She had two young kids at the time and was 25 years old. Her relationship with her husband was going sour and she talked to me about it frequently. After a while a strange bond began to form between us and before I knew what was happening we had made plans to meet at a hotel out of town. Being my first time I was very nervous when I met her to say the least. In the room we made sure we both wanted this and she then excused herself to the bathroom. When she came out she had only a large towel wrapped around her body, covering her tits and barely covering her hot pussy. The sight of her short, well tanned, stockt legs almost made me pass out! I had fooled around with other younger girls before but the thought of finally getting my first piece of ass from this mature, experienced lady was almost to much. She was sort of short (5’5″ tall)and about 125lbs. Not fat by any means, just very well proportioned. She sat beside me on the bed knowing that I was very nervous, I was obviously shaking. She kissed me long and deep to calm me somewhat and saw that I was staring at her soft creamy, full thighs and said “go ahead, take the towel off baby. I reached up to her breasts and pulled the towel loose, letting it fall around her. Her tits were not very large, sagged a little bit from child bearing but still very beautiful to me! Her large dark nipples were now very erect and I leaned over to suck them, awkwardly sliding my hand down to her ample black bush. I felt her warm pussy, so very wet that I could not believe it. She definitely wanted this, no question. She slid up onto the pillows, laid back and opened her legs wide. Kneeling in front of her I could clearly see her hot cunt, surrounded by her dark pubic hair glistening with her juices to the point that it was actually running down the crack to her asshole. Lifting her legs up to her chest and spreading them wide she said “make love to me, I’ll show you what love is all about.” I knelt between her legs and watched in amazement as I saw my seven inch cock slide effortlessly into her extremely hot, wet pussy. Giving natural birth to two babies had definitely loosened her pussy up. It was not at all tight like I had always imagined a pussy should be but God it felt so hot and good. I think I lasted all of 6 strokes before blowing my very first load of cum into a hot, willing cunt. Much to her amazement I never lost my erection and kept on pumping into her like there was no tommorrow. She raised her legs up, placing them on my shoulders and begged me to fuck her hard. I obliged as best I could, pummeling her hot fuck hole with all my might. Suddenly she started moaning and shuddering, I could feel her pussy tighten and throb around my dick and knew that I was giving this woman the first orgasm of my life. She screamed and bucked wildly under me, shoving her pussy up at me, meeting my every stroke. “Oh God yes, fuck me, Oh yes, fuck me deep” she screamed as her orgasm rocked her body over and over. When she finally calmed down we rolled over without ever taking my dick out and with her on top, she began rocking back and forth, not raising up and down but just back and forth as though she were on a saddle. The feeling of this was incredible and in no time I was bursting another load into her waiting love tunnel. I didn’t think I would ever stop spurting baby juice up into that cunt. When I finally stopped, with both of her tits in my hands she smiled, looked down at me and said “do you like it”? I could only nod as she kept girating on my half limp shaft. “Have you ever ate pussy” she asked. I replyed “yes”. “How about one full of cum?” Stunned by this question I shook my head. At this she sat up off my dick which plopped against my belly and turned around to a “69” position, pushing her cunt down onto my face before I could protest. I was now looking straight up into her loose pussy, seeing my cum ooze from it in gobbs. “What the hell” I thought and began lapping her cunt lips. The mixed taste of my cum and her juice actually tasted good and I went at her hungrily, sticking my tongue up into her gash. I found her clit with my finger and starting massaging it gently. All at once I felt her warm mouth close around my flaccid cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and licked my shaft and balls. At once my dick was rising again as she plunged down on it until I felt it hit the back of her throat. this was one incredible feeling! In no time my pussy eating had her writhing on my face, cumming so hard she flooded my mouth, cum and pussy juice pulsing out of her hole. Her next question to me was “how would you like to try my butthole”? I didn’t really know what to say and she reassured me by saying “it will my first time there too, I never let my husband in there.” She turned over on all fours, raising her ass high off the bed until spreading her legs and ass cheeks wide until I could see her rosebud, my cum covering her crack. “Stick it in my pussy to lubricate it and then put it in my ass”. Doing as she instructed I slid my now raging shaft easily into her cunt. “Nothing could feel better than this” I said. “Well, lets try it and find out” was her reply. I pulled out of her dripping snatch and placed my cock head at her back door. Gently I shoved against her asshole until the head popped in. Pushing her head and tits into the bed, raising her ass as far as possible up to me she said “just go slow”. Looking down at my cock head resting just inside her butt was one hell of a turn on! Her asshole was stretched to the max around my shaft as I slowly shoved about 2 inches into her. She gasped and I held my cock there for a moment letting her relax then eased about another 2 inches in doing the same again until I felt her relax. “Go ahead now, bury it in me!” With this I shoved all 7 inches into her bowels, almost losing my mind at how tight and hot it was. Her asshole was squeezing my dick tighter than anything else could ever do! I pulled out about half way and she rocked back against me, impaling herself on my rod. I started pumping my meat in and out of her with a slow steady stroke gradually increasing my tempo until I could feel and hear my balls slapping against wet cunt below. Even though I had already cum twice it only took about 5 minutes of fucking this vice like asshole to make me spurt another load deep into her ass. At the same time she started convulsing, driving her ass back onto my cock as she went crazy with another orgasm. “Man this woman is hot as hell!” I thought. I slowly withdrew my dick from her ass and watched as some of my white semen followed it out, revealing that her previously tight hole was now open just a bit. You talking about erotic, this was it. I lay down beside her and told her how great it felt and she replied the same. “I’m not done with you yet my love” she said smiling at me and moving to bathroom. I lay there staring at my very limp dick until she came back, cleaned up and carrying a wet, warm washcloth. She tenderly cleaned my cock and balls with it and to my disbelief my fuck pole started to rise slightly. Kneeling between my legs she licked and sucked my balls and the area between them and my asshole. I had the most erotic sensation when I felt her tongue probing my asshole. My dick immediately flew back up to attention and smiling between my legs slowly lowered her mouth onto my dick. This felt so good and she looked so sexy, looking up at me as she sucked my cock. Her long black hair falling onto my thighs felt so good as I felt her soft mouth take my cock in. Raising up a little she suddenly swallowed my whole shaft down her throat until her nose rested against my groin. This was a most incredible sight to see this beautiful woman holding my whole 7 inches balls deep in her mouth. She continued to deepthroat my shaft, occasionally pulling out to lick my cockhead like a lollypop, running her tongue and lips up and down my pole.Sensing that I was about to cum she resumed bobing up and down on my shaft with fast, determined strokes until my cock swelled and I could feel another load boiling in my balls. Gently massaging my balls as she sucked sent me over the edge and I started spewing rope after rope of hot sperm into her mouth and down her throat. She did her best to swallow it all but part of massive load foamed around her lips and ran down her chin. This was a most awesome sight as I watched her finish me off and then clean my shaft off and lick my cum from her lips and chin. Both spent we lay arm in arm and napped for about a half hour. I awoke before she did and sat up on the bed admiring her body. Her belly has a slight bulge due to child birth and for some reason this seemed all the more sexy to me. I could see her cunt lips, pouty and full between her slightly spread legs. I could not resist and tugged her over to the edge of the bed until her ass rested on the edge of the mattress. She was awake now and watched contentedly as spread her creamy smooth thighs apart and started licking her labia and sucking her clit. Her hips started to move back and forth as I inserted a finger an then two into her gaping pussy, trying to find the “G” spot that I had read so much about. I knew when I made contact by the way her body jerked and how she started moaning. Her juices were now flowing freely around my fingers and down to my wrist. While still fingering her spot I massaged her puffy little belly with the other hand ( I still can’t believe how soft her tummy was)and sucked on her clit with my mouth all at the same time. Just as I felt her tensing and trembling with another orgasm I moved my free hand down and slipped my index finger into her asshole. She exploded into the wildest orgasm I have yet seen! Screaming and writhing on the sheets, bucking her cunt up onto my tongue and fingers her cunt let loose with an incredible amount of juice. I thought for a moment she had pissed on me but I realized it was all coming from her pussy. I could not believe that a woman could really cum like that! The bed sheet under her was soaked in a big pool of her love juices. My cock was once again at full attention, my cock head was swollen and purple as I stood up and slid it into her extremely wet cunt while standing. I grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her legs straight up in the air, spreading them as wide as possible and shoved my prick home, pumping into her as fast and hard as I could. Watching her rock back and forth on the bed, seeing her small tits jiggle back and forth with every hard stroke I gave me made me realize beyond any doubt that I was in love with this girl. Pulling away from me and moving back up onto the bed she grabbed her own legs and pulled them tight up against her she shoved her bottom straight up in the air, exposing her well fucked cunt to my feasting eyes. “Fuck my pussy big boy, fuck me til I can’t stand it!” I mounted her, shoving my incredibly hard manhood into her waiting cunt with one swift shove. I ground my whole wait into with everything I had, ravaging her pussy with all I had. We bounced up and down in rythm with other as she cryed and moaned. I could hear my dick and her pussy squishing with her juice as it ran down her crack onto the bed. “Goddamn you fuck me good me” she screamed at me as she thrust her ass up against my plunging cock. I couldn’t believe it when I heard and felt her sopping gash fart air and pussy juice out around my cock. This became a continuous sound as I wrecking her pussy with wild abandon. The bed banged back and forth against the wall as we both got lost in the most incredible fuck a man and woman could ever have. We were both covered in sweat from a half hour of continuous bucking and thrashing around. We both exploded at the same time, screaming and crying in orgasm. My fifth and last load of the day had to be my biggest as I felt it spurt deep in her canal as I held still and felt my cock pulse stream after stream of hot sperm inside her well fucked love tunnel. Her pussy did not stop farting until I withdrew my spent cock from her gaping hole. Her legs fell to the bed as she panted, trying to catch her breath. With her thighs splayed open I could see my white jism pulsing from her, covering her jet black cunt hair and running down her crack. I knelt between her legs, draping them over my shoulders and started lapping her gaping hole. I sucked my cum from her cunt and licked her pussy lips clean. Moving down her crack I licked her clean, even her asshole! I continued to lick and kiss my way up her body, relishing her creamy soft skin as I went, stopping to savor each breast and nipple and tasting the saltiness of our mixed sweat before finally french kissing her deeply to end my very first fuck session. We showered together before parting ways and I told her she had to be the most incredible fuck a guy could ever have. She told me that I was a very fast learner to which I replied that I had a great teacher! She told me later that her pussy was sore for 3 days after that. She divorced her husband shortly after our coupling and we eventually married having many more wild fuck sessions like the first and even making a beautiful baby girl. I am sorry to say that after 3 years of marriage we parted ways (divorced) for reasons other than sex. I still don’t have any hard feelings towards her, after all, she made me the sex maniac that I am. Writing this story makes me hot and horny and wishing I could try that pussy just one more time. I have had younger and tighter pussy since our split but never have I had a pussy as good as hers. Loose pussy is just a turn on for me.

This story is all true and detailed just as I remember it. If anyone reads this story and thinks its good or if you have any comments please e-mail me at I would love to hear from you.

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