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Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Hi, ok well first of all, i met my boyfriend at that time online. he lived about 2 hours from me, and after talking online and on the phone for 5 months, we decided to meet. it was a hot summer and he drove down to see me. he stayed in my parents basement at the time. the weekend went good, we did a lot of fooling around in the basement, and no one found out. but we never had sex until the next weekend.

the next weekend came and i wanted to see him again. we talked about the details the whole week after he came to see me. so i drove to his house on friday. the weekend went good. i think it would have been a good start to a nice relationship.. the only thing that got in the way was the sex. something convinced me after the whole thing happened that he just used me for the sex. what a bitch! lol anyway, the whole weekend we fooled around and went out to movies and this and that and had a good time. sunday night came and he snuck into the room i was sleeping in, which was his brother’s room, just like he had the other couple nights before. we fooled around until very early in the morning and he snuck back into his room. no one knew about it. but sunday night, we got to a point where we were thinking about doing it. i remember the look in his eyes before he asked me. when we were cuddling, and after he frenchkissed me, he looked at me and asked if i wanted to do it. for some stupid reason, i never hesitated. must have been the stupid hormones.. lol i got ontop of him, and tried to put him in, but it wouldn’t go. he isn’t too big, but i think the position was just all wrong at first and we both were very nervous. then i layed down and told him to get ontop of me. he did that, and he told me that i had to guide him in. so i took his cock in my hand and pulled him gently down into my wet, swollen pussy. he pushed it in until it stopped. felt the resistence, but it didn’t hurt. he just stared into my eyes and then pushed a little harder and popped my cherry at that time. amazingly it didn’t hurt then either, even tho i was soooo nervous still. as soon as he hit the back of my pussy, it did start to feel good and something took over inside of me and i started to move my body. he instinctly did the same. he thrusted a couple times then rolled over on the bed beside me. HE PULLED OUT! umm i was shocked. i wanted to finish. i just asked him, why he stopped. he said he didn’t want to cum inside me. i thought about it, and agreed, reluctantly. we didn’t have protection. he stayed in the bed long enough to cum and to make me cum, but without the sex. then he went to his bed around 5am.

it definitely wasn’t what i expected my first time was going to be like. the whole thing confused the hell out of me, actually. and only got worse. i woke him up a few hours later and we went to shower together. that was very fun but no sex happened there either. i drove home after that and never heard from him again. after 2 weeks of wondering and crying, he emailed me and told me that he didn’t want to see me anymore. and that it was going to be a right decision for me too. well i guess he was right, but it didn’t seem right to me at that time. all i felt was pissed and frusterated. he used me. plain and simple. 🙁 anyway, i vowed after that that i would never have sex again until it was with someone that i was really in love with and planned to marry. so far i have stuck with that pact to myself and i’m extremely proud of myself, even though i have had some very temping situations with ex boyfriends and others.

the main reason why i wrote my story is to let you all know that your first time SHOULD be with someone you truly love and loves you too. your first time will only happen once and should be important to you. i’m just very sorry i was stupid and never took my own advice until it was too late. i still wish i had my virginity for my future husband. so please don’t do what i did and screw with someone that is just using you. that’s all, thanks for reading.

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