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jacking off with jack

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: best friend's room
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

ok so i was 16 and i was at my best friends house. we were taking turns playing his gameboy until the batteries ran out. he told me to go get some from the kitchen. i asked his mom where the batteries were and she said that they were out. she then went to work and left us alone.

i came back upstairs to his room and the door was closed. i didnt remember closing it on my way out. i opened the door and saw my friend naked….apparently he was changing. it was chill, i had seen his cock before and he had seen mine. i just didnt remember it being so big. i went and sat on his desk while waiting for him to change, occasionally glancing at his huge dick. he got dressed after what seemed like forever and then opened up a drawer by his TV and popped in a porno, asking me if i minded. i said i didnt mind at all.

he was wearing basketball shorts and sitting on his bed watching the porno while i was sitting on a chair a few feet away. i could see his dick tenting up his shorts. my jeans were not too good at hiding my boner either. we both took out our cocks and starts jacking off, not looking at each other (or at least not when the other was looking).

my friend, jack, then asked if i was his best bud. i said that i was and that he was my best bud. we kinda looked at each other for a sec and before i knew it i was sitting next to him on his bed, my hand on his cock, stroking it up and down. i could feel his precum running down his long shaft. we started making out a little, using some tongue. he then asked if i could use my tongue on his dick. i took off his shirt and slowly made my way down his body. kissing his nicely sculpted pecks, abs, and making my way down his happy trail.

i got to his dick and i started at it for a second. then i opened my mouth and put his large, 8-inch, uncut cock all the way in. i gagged at first but then got the hang of it. i sucked him for a good 15 mins before he came. he moaned really loud and told me he was about to cum. i think he expected me to stop blowing him off and just finish him with a handjob but i kept him in my mouth and let him explode in me.

his entire body was quivering. he looked down at me and i opened my mouth and let him watch me swallow his cum. he told me that that was the best bj he had ever had. then he asked me if i would let him fuck me in the ass. i told him only if he sucks me off. he said that hes not a fag and i told him that i wasnt either. after reassuring that we were just buds helping each other out he got down on his knees while i stood up and started touching my stiff cock, which was also uncut but a little smaller than his.

he stroked me for a while and then told me that if i dont let him fuck me he’d never talk to me again. i just nodded and then he took my cock into his mouth. it felt SOOOO good. he used his tongue to stimulate my head and kept his eyes closed the entire time. towards the end i let him know i was about to cum so he took me out of his mouth and looked up into my eyes as he stroked me to a perfect ending. he let me cum all over his perfect chest.

i then got down on my knees to his level and licked my cum off of him. he told me to turn around and he took a condom out from his dresser drawer. on the bed and on all fours, he came from behind me and tried putting his dick in my ass. it was too tight. he fingered me slowly until i got a little more loose and then lubed me up with some ky. he shoved what felt like all 8 inches of him in me at once. i moaned and he moaned. he kept thrusting into me and out. finally when he was about to come he flipped me over, took off the condom, and started facefucking me with his thick, red dick. he came for the second time in my mouth and again i swallowed his warm, thick, salty man juice.

he then got off the bed and put his clothes back off while i just laid there, still taking it all in. he cleaned up, ejected the porn tape and acted like nothing happened.

its been about 10 years since that happened, and we still give each other a helping hand or more when we hit a dry period.

thanks jack.

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