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how i fucked my mom

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

We lived in a small flats with a small room shared by 3 siblings and my parents.They slept in the hall and us kids in the room but there is only that much privacy for all.Whenn i was 16,i was in the morning session school and there would be no one at home when i come back except my mom.I would always after my shower and lunch get inside the room and masturbate.I sometimes jerk till theres no sperm,thats how horny i am.Usually i would read sex books or i would fantasise about women i know and wish to fuck.One day as i was showering i noticed my moms worned panties in the wash basket,i took and started to jerk over it,wrapped around my cock.The smooth feel of the material made me cum fast.I left it at the basket all soiled with my sperm.All this were prelude to my mom having sex with me.At times when i go into the room i can see that she[my mom]would be around the backyard where i can see her shadows thru the fogged windows.My mom is very highly sexed woman and she is not shy.I have seen her pee,she just left the toilet door wide open when did her peeing,and i saw her pussy and the pee shooting out from her pussy.She also saw me looking at her.
One day i came home,my mom was just after her shower and wearing just a sarong,tied around her breast. since she is short,petite and big breast i just stared at her near nudity. I went to the room and changed was just taking off my pants when she walked into the room and stripped off the towel andd towelling her body as if i was not there. I quickly grabbed a towel and went to bath,After my shower,i went to the room and saw that she was still in her sarong but she was laying on the bed and the sarong loose around her breast with her eyes closed. I was getting horny and my cock sprang up. I just went and had my lunch and felt sleepy and tired so i went to the room and tried to sllep. With my mom there i could hardly get any sleep because when i close my eyes,i could see her naked. I was getting a stiff cock,but finally i did fall asleep.I must ave slept very soundly because when i wokeup i felt someone beside me. I opened my eyes and saw my mom beside me,and she was naked. I saw her breast and nipple and then i felt her hands were massaging my hardened cock. She was jerking it slowly,up and down. I was still grogy from my sleep,i just looked down at her hands and breast not knowing wat to do. Thats when she went down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking slowly at first. My hips just shot up from the bed,the sensation was just too good. I had only dreamed about this act,i have read about it in the sex stories i ave read.In reality,its mind blowing. Seeing my reaction my mom smiled at me wwith my cock still in her mouth and winked at me. I moaned out loud because my climax was building up real fast,im still a virgin and the act itself is a fantasy come thru. My mom must ave known that i was goin to cum,she speeded up her sucking. She was pistoning up and down my cock so fast that i only saw her head in a blur movement,up down suck up down suck. It was really too much for me,because she was really slurpping and sucking my cock,”oooohhhh mommmyyy,suck my cock, Im going to cummmmm.” As i said this my cum shot into her mouth and i can feel her sucking greedily and swallowing real fast as i spurted and i was actually face fucking her and i was grabbing her hair forcing her mouth deeper. As i was doing this at a flash i saw her other hands and they were moving,jabbing her pussy real fast. That was really erotic for me and i came even harder and i started facefucking her. As i was doing this I heard her deep moan,she was coming too.”OOOooohhhhh..fuck,fuck,fuck…oooohhhhh….,”she came in shudders,her breast jiggled and her body spasmed and finally came to a stop. After she rested she gave me s weet smile and kissed me and said,” thank you son,i love you baby”,i thanked her too for giving me so much pleasure. and she told me that i dont have to masturbate and that she would fuck me whenever i want.She also told me not to tell anyone about this,especially my dad. I know my dad is a sickly man and he cant satisfy or have sex with my mom as often as she wants. She told me that my dad allows her to fuck around,have sex with other men as long as she does it discreetly. I was suprised that my mom was fucking around,when i asked her who she fucks,she told me. I just couldnt believe she even fucks some of my frens without my knowledge. All this talk was getting me horny and mom saw how my cock was getting hard. She started to jerk me slowly as she was telling me how she fucks every guy she fancies. She also told me how she knows that me and my closests friend jerk each other. I was surprised and asked if she had fucked John too,and she said yes! “Next time both of you can do whatever in the house and i want to watch both of you jerk and then both can fuck me afterwards,” she said. I nearly creamed in her hands when she said that. All kind of lewed thoughts were going in my horny mind. As i was dreaming,she climed on top of me and inserted my harded cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy was really wet,when she took my whole lenght in my pubic area was all wet. Then she started pumping slowly at first,as she picked up the tempo i was having a hard time holding on. Her pussy was really hot,tight as hell and she was using her pussy muscles to massage my cock as she was fucking the hell out of me.”OOOooooohhhhhh fuck me fuck me you son of a bitch,OOOOOOOoooohhhhh i am going to cooooommmmmeeeee fuck me,fuck..fuck..fuck..fuckfuckfUCCCCKK and she came in a moan that i tod my neighbours would hear her,but who the fuck cares as i was going to come myself.OOOOOOhhhhhh mmooooommmmmmm im commmmmmiiiinnng…oooohhh…oooohh,as i came,she dismounted and took my spewing cock into her hot mouth and started sucking my jizz and swallowing it,i saw stars,never have i jerked to a climax to this max…i know that i have no need to masturbate anymore from now.
With my mom,we did have sex almost everyday and whenever its possible. My mom introduced me to some of her lovers and even to her female frens to fuck and gain experience and to compare their fucking and hers.In time we became more like lovers than mother and son,and our sex life was getting more wild and we started doing assfuck,bondage,outdoor fucks,3sums..hope u enjoyed!

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