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Hot Sister

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My Friends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

This all took place back when I was 14 and going to br a freshman in high school.

It was a hot and muggy day in mid August, when in late afternoon I got home from freshman football pracrice and decided to grab my swim trunks and jump on my bike and get my frien Josh and bike a couple of miles to the lake for a swim. I got to Josh’s house and rang the doorbell and Josh’s 22 year old sister answered the door in a bikini and I asked if Josh was there. Sara (Josh’s sister) told me that he had gone out of town with their parents and would not be back til late that night. Sara told me that I looked aeful hot and if I would like to come in and have a soda. I repyed ‘sure’ and went in the house with Sara and sat down on the couch as Sara went to the kitchen to get a soda. It felt nice sitting in the air conditioned house. Sara returned with a sodas for both of us and sat down right next to me on the couch. She asked what I had done for the day and I told her that I just finished football practice and was going to pick up Josh and go to the lake for a swim. Sara asked if I had a girl freind and I rold her that I had not. She then asked if I had ever kissed a girl ? I said I kissed a couple. She asked if I frenched any girls. I told her ‘no’. Sara by this time had put her hand on my thigh as she asked questions. The questions were beginnig to be more and more about sex, She then asked me if I masturbate and I said ‘sure’, often she aske,’sure’ I answered, At least once a day she asked, ‘sure’ I answered. By this time Sara was rubbing my thigh and I was beginning to get an erection. ‘Did you maturbate today’ she aske, ‘No’ I said. Ny this rime I was feeling warm and Sara rhwn reached up and unsnapped and unzipped my jeans and reached into my underware and pulled my erect cock out and said ‘My, your big for your age’ and wit that she bent over and licked the head of my cock with her tongue and began ti mover her hand up and down on my cock while she licked the head. She lifted her head and asked ‘Does that frrl good’ and I sighed ‘Yws’, ‘Good ‘ she said, ‘This should frll even better’ and she lowered her head back down, while formomg a ‘O’ with her lips and grasped my throbbing cock with one hand and as her lips touched my cock she began to suck on it as she lowered herself about a third of the way down my cock and then raised her head till my head was just about all the way out of her mouth and then started to go back down my cock to about two thirds of the way down my shaft and then back up again, Yhe next time she went down on my cock she down til she had my whole cock in her mouth. I could feel my cock go in her throat as she went doen on mr. I rhough that I was going to cum when she got all of me in her and then she raised her head again and the took all of me gack in her mouth and this time as my cock head started to go down her throat, I could not hold it any longer and I eaise butt from the couch and began cumming. When Sara felt me cumming she squeezed my aching balls to help me unload. After I came, Sara removed my cock from her mouth and asked How it felt. I told her that it was better than masturbating.

Sara then told me that I had to get her off and she yook my hand and lead me to her brdroom where she took off her bikini and lay on the bed and told me to do the same. Sara had breasts about the size of grapefruit and her nipples must have stood up a good inch when erecr, She had a nice trimmed triangle of redish hair just above her slit. She told me that she shaved her lips and trommed her pubic hair, Anyway , Sara told me to lay down between her soead legs facing her, I did as she told and she reached down and spread her lips and you could see haow juicy she was, As she spread her lips, I could fell the heat from her pussy and the orde was intoxicating. She told me to lick her pussy lips fron the bottom to top and to lick in circles. As I licked her, she took my head and moved it to where she wanted to be licked. She told me to lick her From the bottom to the top of her pussy and when my nose got to the top to rub the hard little area at the top of her pussy with my nosr and to stick my tongue in her pussy. As I licked and rubbed her, she rocked her hips back and forth and then she started to moan softly and grabrrd my head with both hands and pushed my face as hard as she could into her pussy and screemed as I felt her pussy contrct and my lips and tongue were filled with hot liquid. By this time my cock was as hard as could be and Sara released my head and told me to put that big hard dick in her cunt and to fuck her as hard as I could.. It did not take me long to shove my hard cock in her steaming pussy and to fuck the piss out of her, In about 45 seconds , Sara grabbed me by the ass and pulled me deeper into her cunt and screemed for mr to give it to her. With that , my cock started to shoot hot cumm in Sara’s cunt and she screeemed ‘I feel you cummung, don’t stop’.

Needless to say, this was not the last time Sara and I got together for some good hot sex..

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