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Her First Time

Where it happened: Office then Her Car
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I’d known Rachael for a while. She was about five and a half feet tall, blonde frizzy hair and very thin.

Any chance to see some of her well covered flesh was a treat. Her blouse was usually low-cut but she never wore a skirt, only trousers so the only part of her legs I ever got to see (until the time of this story) was her ankles and lower leg when she lifted her trouser leg to do up her show laces.

We’d been flirting quite a lot. I once trid to ticly her by running my finger up her back but she told me that rather than feel ticklish, she thought it felt ‘Good’. I often flirted and played with her saying things like “how about a quick squeeze of your melons in the store cupboard” and other cheesy stuff.

One day, I crept up behind her to ask her a question and started to massage her shoulders (like you do). She said that it felt good and she leant her head back. I could see right down her top, into her bra. I said as much and she said “there’s nobody else in the office” and pushed her head back further until she was touching my dick.

I slowly moved my hand down her shoulder, across her chest and into her bra. She didn’t fill her bra but that wasn’t a problem. I moved down and stroked her nipple, pinched her nipple and then squeezed her breast. She sighed as I caried on squeezing and pulling at the hard button on the end of her soft breast. She moved her head up and down my groin area. Not very erotic, I know, but the fact that it was her did wonders to my dick.

I heard someone try the door handle so I quickly withdrew my hand and took my place at the desk opporite her. Next thing I know, she sent me a NET SEND asking if there was more where that came from. My reply;

NEt SEND xxxxxxxx “Dinner time in quarter of an hour – how about a spin in your car?”

So the lunch break arrived and we went in her car to a quiet spot on the ourskirts of the city. As she drove, a stroked her leg through her trousers, moving my hand up higher and higher until I was almost ready to touch her pussy. When we parked, she said “do it again”.

This time, I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts. I played with both her nipples as she again expressed her delight. Then she said that it was time for her to return the favour and reached out to open my zipper. I asked if we could go into the back seat th==since there was more room, so, lying on the back seat, she pulled open my trousers and lowered them then she reached into my boxers and tickled my balls!

“Is this what you wanted?” she asked. I said “I’d really like to see your legs – I’ve never seen your legs”. So she unbuttoned her trousers and put my hand on her zipper before she pulled off my boxers and started to move her hand up and down my very erect penis ( inches but as she played, I couldn’t think of taking her trousers off – all I could do was lie back and enjoy her treats).

She said “I thought you wanted to see my legs” and she took her own trousers off. Stroking her smooth legs was wonderful, like stroking warm, dry ice (!?). No hair. At the thinnest point, my thumb and index finger could meet around her leg!

I stroked and massaged and then decided that it was time to see her cunt. I wanted to see it. I moved my hands to her stomach and then lowered them onto her lace panties. As they came down, I saw that she wasn’t a natural blonde but the view was beautiful to say the least. I fingered her pussy as she wanked me off. It was heavenly.

She tld me that this was her first time (in a way, I could tell), but she didn’t mind it not being mine. When she said that I said “So this is going to be a ‘time’? Your first ‘time’?”. Smiling, she moved beside me, effectively pushing me off the back seat so as I got up, I could see her lying there, legs opening as I moved closer.

“Inside” she said, “deep inside”. With inches I don’t think so but I moved it and felt my dick break into the wonderful, wet comfort. She jumped and her breasts jumped with her. That turned me on! She lifted her legs to come around me as I gently moved in and out of her moaning body.

I withdrew before I came but she enjoyed playing with my dick a bit more. I didn’t mind. She wanted me to just ly back as she did this so I admired her body. When she tit-fucked me, as her breasts touched the most sensitive part of my penis and her nipples rubbed against me, I exploded like never before.

This was her first time.

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