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Happy New year

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Cairo Shepheard Hotel,
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was new year’s eve and I had gone to Cairo with my parents on a holiday. I had just landed that evening. My parents had boked a room for me and they had gone out to the party. I got a little bored and went down to the lobby looking for some newspaper to read. I was reading a newspaper when a gorgeous looking female entered the lift. I immediately carried the newspaper and went to the lift, pretending to go to my room. I just wanted to take a peek into her bra, bulging out with her breasts. We alone were in the lift, she wanted to go to the 24th floor. it took a few minutes to reach that floor. I secretly looked at her through my newspaper. She glanced at me and and said her room number was 2407 to someone on the phone.
I noted it down. Then when the lift stoped, she quit the lift and gave me a smile and left.
i was in my room feeling a special sensation in my underwear. I had never masturbated but was getting this special nice feeling everytime i saw a woman with nice breasts or nice shape. I waited in my room and just wanted to find out if she was again coming out. SO i went o the 24th floor and started pacing the corrdor. in a few minutes she opened her door, looked around and saw me…she lit up a cigarette and asked me if i wanted one. I never smoked but wanted to try as she gave me. So i pretended to be a smoker and accepted one. The first puff i took i coughed and sneezed and she immediately held me close and patted my head. I felt her breasts when she held me. I felt good and went limp on her. SHe carried me into her room. Then she asked me to lie down and brought some water for me. She spoke in russian. Her name was Irina Ilatovskaya. I lay there drinking the water. She asked me how old I as. I told her i was 17 and never smoked just got a little urge to try once. She asked me if I had any other little urges. I told her I felt nice when I see her and something tingling in my underwear. She asked me if I had even touched a woman and I said no. She asked me if i wanted to. I said YES. She twinkled her eyes and put the lights to dim mode and pulled the curtains out. I could see the sparkling cairo night lights. She walked me to the window and stood behind me. She came close to me and pressed herself . it felt so good. her soft breasts feeling my back, i felt the tingling sensation in my underwear. She removed her dress by now and was completely nude when she made me turn. This was the first time i saw a nude girl in front of me. I immediately had my underwear grow tight, my small little member had grown long. I never saw it so big. she looked at me, smiled and came closer. She took my hands and kept it on her breasts. It felt warm and i tender. I did not know what to do. sahe pressed themwith my hands and asked me to squeeze them. I felt goose bumps all over me. I moved closer and she pulled my head to her breasts. I satrted suckling. It was so nice. she smelt nice. she was blonde, 27years old and had a great shape – nice firm round full breasts, beautiful lips, and a big back. She pulled me and started kissing me. It was my first kiss. It felt so lovely. I did not know how to kiss. she guided me and slowlyoved her hand down to feel my underwear. She put her hands inside my underwear and by now i was big and erect. she pushed my underwear down and revelaed my penis. She said it was big for my age and she has not seen many bigger ones…and told me it was a compliment. i felt a little uneasy now and wanted some water. She said water can wait and kneeled down and started sucking my penis. It was the most awesome moment of my life. I felt so energised by her warm mouth …i was wet and gooey there. She sucked me hard and I came for the FIRST time..thick white fluid in spurts. i felt some strange feeling when the fluids came. She took evrrything in her mouth and drank them. She kissed me then and i could feel the smell of my semen in her mouth. She then started rubbing my penis again and pulled me closer to her and to the bed. She made me lie on my back. She stroked my penis for some 10 minutes and i was hard again. she climbed on top of me and sat on my penis. she slowly slid herself into me and started rocking…slow and the hard and then fast. she was making all sorts of noises. it felt good for me, even though it was paining a little. But i continued looking at her closed eyes, she was very beautiful. her blonde hair was covering her face and she was making deep noises and suddenly she jerked on me and with a violent force, held me tight and hugged me…she had also released liquids i learnt. i was gooey all over my penis and she collapsed on me, my semen flowing out of my penis. she touched me there and licked all my goo and we both lied together for the rest of the night. It was the best new year for me. She was leaving in 2 days and we did 3 more times. I was a man and i thanked me making me a Man. Irina, the wonderful Woman who turned me a Man. Happy New Year, Irina.

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