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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was the summer after my first year in college that this guy George called me at home, said he was just passing thru my town and wanted to say hello. Not wanting to be rude and remember him as kind of cool at school I asked him to meet me for a drink. He told me he had his eye on me but was a bit shy at asking girls out. I liked what I saw. After a few drinks and a lot of small talk he got to talking very romantic and I liked what I heard. When I went to the powder room I discovered my panties were damp and I was feeling quite aroused. He drove me home and I asked him in for a short visit. My folks left a note saying they had gone out for the evening. When George moved to kiss me I did not refuse but responded and invited further kissing and petting. His calm soft voice and his fond words only brought me further in reaching the heights of full arousal. As he reached to remove my blouse and then my bra I responded by removing his tie and shirt. His gentle warm hands found and fondeled my full firm breasts; rubbing the nipples and gently squeesing then. He then kissed, licked and suckled my firm nipples; I sighed and softly moaned in pleasure. He then told me this was as far as he had ever gone with any girl but I had already awakened special feelings in him and he would like to go all the way if it was o k by me. I was still a virgin but I decided if not now if not George then when and with who. After all what if somthing terrible should happen and I could never have sex. Wh moved ourselves to my bedroom and finished undressing. George held and kissed me gently laying me on the bed and told me he was sure he loved me. Then he gently entered me it hurt just a bit and was tight at first but soon loosened and his gentle motions filled me with shere pleasure at every stroke as I rose up to thrust against him as best I could. George soon released his sperm and kept on thrusting; after a while I too reached my climax. Relying on rumors from friends we both injected new ideas into our methods and tried several other positions. The best for me was when we went into the bath and washed each other up I brought him to full erection under the warm water; I could not believe how long his penis was. Then he told me to lean over the sink and spread my legs. He drove that long hard member fully into me and thrust hard and fast; I came three times in a row; the last time my knees gave way and we fell to the floor in a heap. George stayed the night in the guest room and we were both to sore to get out of bed the next morning. He never left me and we are now Mr. and Mrs. with 3 little ones. I still can’t get enough of that big hard 13 inch penis.

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