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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: ENGLISH
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

The first time i was really horny was when i was looking at my brother’s porn in his computer,it was full of it. I was 14 then,my pussy was always wet and the juices leave a spot on my skirt and shorts and school uniform. I was so embarassed when my classmate pointed it out at school. I was thinking of sex and i was so horny my clit was jutting out of the pussy folds.
My fren Sheebe adviced me to wear a pad and we talked about it a bit. She too confessed that her pussy was soaking her panty when she thinks about sex and cocks and fucking. I found out she masturbates alot,even in school. I was horny with all the sex talk and when i went home,i stripped in my room and changed into my shorts and a tshirt and went to my bro’s room to browse tru his collection of porn.
I was so horny looking at all the hot porns that my hand was sloshing around in my pantyless pussy stirring up the juices and fingering my hot wet pussy. I had to masturbate so i went to my room and locked the door,so that i will have total privacy as i stripped everything and layed down on the bed with my legs wide open. I closed my eyes and imagined all the pornos that i saw and my hands were going ballistic in my pussy as i finger fucked and pinched my extended clit. OOhhhhh..it was ecstacy. I was moaning and wished i had a hard cock pounding my pussy right now,when i felt someone beside me. I opened my eyes and saw that it was DODO my dog wagging his tail and his tongue hanging out. I didnt know he was all the while in my room,i was too far gone working on a climax thats about to erupt and i didnt care DODO saw me but it was kinda erotic too to have DODO watching. As i was again into masturbating furiously banging my clit when suddenly DODO started licking my face and then my tits. I was shocked as a shiver ran tru me and i moaned because it was really a nice feeling and added my horniness. Then DODO went down and started to lick my hands that was fingering my pussy and an electric shock went tru me,it was so exciting as i lmoved my hands away and let DODO lick my pussy. It was out of this world,i ave always wondered wat it would feel if a guy licks my pussy,its fucking out of this world.fuck!! DODO seems to be enjoying licking all my juice and he even started licking my asshole where my juices seem to collect as it flows out my pussy.
I started to pant and unconsiously started a fucking motion as DODO was licking really fast and im about to come. What trigered my climax was when i saw DODO’s cock jutting out,he is also horny and he knows he is licking pussy..and i came. It was really a climax that i will never forget as it was brought by my dog,as i came DODO kept on licking and i came again in seconds,it was really perverted and so erotic i just when perverted about the whole thing as i toucked DODO COCK,it was wet and slimy and long and hard and soft all at the same time. I have seen dogs fuck and i wanted to fuck my dog. I got on my hands and knees and immediately DODO climbed on me and started to thrust but missing my hole. I was scared shit and horny all at the same time but my urge to fuck was greater and pervertised by the whole situation as i held his cock and directed it to my hole and DODO just shoved it in in a single thrust and i was jolted by the sudden pain and the thrusting or rather pistoning cock in my pussy. The pain and pleasure was together and the whole scenario made me cum,it was a glorious cum that i will never forget and cany be reanacted again as i ave tried,only the first episode with DODO was special. Dodo fucks me about 3minutes and i felt his cum spraying inside me and i know i cant get pregnant so i let him and after that he was not moving but his cock had enlarged and it fit snugly to my pussy and i started to move fucking him,and i came like 5 times the first time fucking DODO,WEN I PULLED my pussy was dripping cum and it was hot. After the first time with DODO,there were about 25 to 30 times more over the last 3 years that i fucked DODO. Sometimes DODO got no mood to fuck as his cock never gets hard even if i play and try to make him horny.
I think a lot people fuck dogs and animals as i have seen porno of the same and its really exciting unlike fucking a boy. They only want me to suck and fuck and drink their cums,real assholes like my bro who caught me fucking DODO one day as i forgot to lock my door and the jerk walked in on me just as i was cuming. He went into shock at first but as a pervert himself he fucked me after DODO and made me take his cum in my mouth. At first i was scared shit he was going to tell my parents but he is fucker who fucked his own sis so he is in the shit too. Its really erotic really this whole sex thing with DODO and my brother. My brother is as horny as me and now i spent almost all my time in his room,mostly fucking and sucking or watching porno and getting online frens who are into fucking. I know its incest fucking your own bro but we just do it to get our rocks off and we agreed not to let anyone know including me fucking DODO. I love to fuck DODO as i wont get pregnant and he is brutal wen he fucks me. I wonder if anyone out there have experimented with animals,mmmm…

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