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First fuck ,life changing story

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My home in Upland Ca
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My name is Thomas. This girl I knew a distant neighbor and I innocently experimented on the patio . We played show and tell and I touched her flat chest and we looked at each other naked . She never spread or any thing so I was disappointed with the female anatomy. We were young and that was the end nothing else happened. What I didn’t know was my young aunt saw me through the window. My aunt was only 14 and just a sprite herself. That summer , months later my Aunt was home I think she was babysitting me . It wasnt that i needed babysitting but she and I were home alone in the house and huge back yard with a tall privacy fence. I remember planning my friends 12 year old BD party and we were the same age about. So I’m 12 and out struts my Aunt Pracilla in her bra and panties. She was tall with very long dark brown hair and skinny . Very Latino so every one gets the right mental picture. She is only 14 remember so she is a virgin although I didn’t know what that ment and neither did she. I’m 61 at this writing so her bra and panties were plain and cotton . Let me teach you something she said to that effect. I dropped my party planning pencil and paper and followed her from the shade tree to the picnic table outside. She removed her bra and her little tits were exposed. I had to look and look close. They were nice but I didn’t touch them. She started talking about sex and she was a blabbering mouth. I don’t remember what she said but I remember her pulling down her panty. She had a good Latino mound of hair and I was Impressed. She sat on the table pointed to where the male anatomy would enter the woman . I was a little grossed out and to find out that a baby would come out that hairy slit was nasty. She told me that she wanted me to have sex with her so she would be ready for her boyfriend. She didn’t have a boyfriend and I said no but I wanted to look closer at her slit. She was young and had cute little pink brown wrinkled pussy folds that smelled like fish. She talked me into touching it so one touch was enough for me ,but not her. You can put a finger in she said . I had both hands of mine behind my back , but I was curious and I watched her finger disappear in her. Then I was interested for sure . So I slowly put a finger in as she sat on that picnic table. The excitement was unbelievable . Thats perfect she said your learning. I wonder if she was a tense as I was. There was much more room inside that small opening once my finger got in, I found out. Next let me teach you about your self, she said as she grabbed my belt. Soon my jean cut off shorts were on the grass. The fresh air and just being 12 made me erect as heck. Remember those almost all day erections at that age. The neighborhood boys had taught me the proper way to stimulate my self . Think of an Indian or boy scout spinning a stick between the palms to start a fire. He he ! that’s how I was masterbating. I had just discovered it felt good and it was a daily thing to do . I hadn’t generated any results as I just didn’t know continued masterbating brought forth the contractions of male orgasm. It felt good, my friends were younger than me so they weren’t shooting seamen yet either I guess. I can’t believe she touched me and then she spent time will my balls and sack. She wanted to kiss and lick it but I told her she couldn’t . I was hairless and very immature saying stupid things like all preteen boys. The books all say the
best feeling in the whole world is when the boy goes in the girl . Really I said . It’s the very best feeling in the world my young aunt repeated. You want to feel it? she said sitting on the picnic table. I walked closer and on my toes I was way too short. Let me get down on the seat she said and she scooted her self to the edge. I was holding my penis level because it was always pointed up. I was 12 only, but my penis was bigger than a couple fingers . Well you all can figure I was dry, she was less dry but with little fore play you can imagine it would be a tight fit to begin with. I was poking the area but we got no where until she reclined on the bench seat. Then my penis head was wet and there I was going in . Do you like it she said ? I was a natural and feeling a new stimulation. I was holding her legs and going to town in that pussy of my young aunt. My luck had it I never orgasmed I just got tired. That was great then I saw the blood and almost puked. She grabbed my shorts and ran inside I followed and she and I showered and I caressed her tits. In the tub showering she got top position and screwed me maybe 30 minutes but it felt like forever. Then I swelled up in her and she felt it . Then she said she came . I soon followed with what I know now was my first ejaculation orgasm. I had to hold still from the extreme sensitivity . We went right to the bed and made love properly man on top and I orgasmed for the second time ever. She did not come but loved it. Mom and dad came home and dad saw blood on the bench of the picnic table . We confessed and they hit the fan angry as heck. A few months later we climbed out our windows and were caught having sex in the park. The police took us home and soon she missed her period . I was a father the same time I got pubic hair.IT IS Very difficult raising a daughter when you haven’t grown up.
My parents raised my daughter more than me and they resented me burdening them . My Aunt and I never connected agin .

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