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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: At a playground
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was 17 when it happened. Me and my I’ve-had-a-crush-on-her-forever girl were at the big fourth of July picnic our town holds every year. It was getting dark and everyone was down on the beach waiting for the fireworks. But Aria wanted to watch from the playground, away from the madding hordes. It was up the staircases, in the middle of a feild of wood chips. She sat on the plastic step, smiling, and glanced up at me.

I wanted her so bad. She was a little less than two years younger than me, with long blond hair and huge green eyes, and freckles. She had a great bod – I had imagined her without clothes so many times.
“Hey, are you feeling okay?” she asked, standing up. I couldn’t stand it.
“I want to,” I rasped, my voice strangely scratchy. Her eyes widened and she paused, unsure. I seized her head and liplocked her, slipping my tongue inside as her lips gently parted. God, I’d kissed other girls but Aria was hot and wet and pretty tongue-tangling for such an angel.

I gently eased off her cardigan and slid my hand under her tee, feeling the lean muscles. She suprised me, ripping off my shirt. I was kinda startled – I had read how to do stuff like this, but I had expected to just take her. This might be more interesting. I yanked her shirt over her head and grew hard as I saw her lacy blue bra. I unsnapped it and flung it away, sucking hard at her 32b boobs. She moaned and grabbed my cock. I sat her back down on the plastic platform and slid my hand up her leg, french kissing the whole time. She wriggled out of her miniskirt and I could feel her wetness in her boyshorts. I stepped out of my loose shorts and kicked off my boxers. She gasped when she saw my 7 inches, but I yanked her panties and licked her, and she pulled hard at my cock. I sucked her for a long time and then put two fingers inside.

She bucked against them and I suddenly lost control. I put my tip against her and started pumping, pushing through her barrier. she moaned and pumped too. The playground was dark and we made love for a hour with the fireworks exploding.

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