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Daniel seduced by two lesbians

Current Age: 34
Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: at the two lesbian neighbor
Langauge: eng.
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

As kids we often on winter play games and skiing on hill, not long from our street. Next to hill have live two womans Sandra 40 and Donna 35, lesbian couple like adult peoples said.
I was 12 at this time and other kids were around my ages. When we feel boring we makes fews snowballs and throw it to lesbians house windows, and makes jokes from its.
That’s was not good, but we realy enjoy on this. Often Sandra angry comes out and try to catch us, but we run away.
One day when we throwing snowballs we broke one window and from fear we run away, but Donna standing behind trees and catch me and my friend Eric. Eric was just 6 and she release it.
I was very scary, and I’m talking about that I’m sorry. She said don’t be scary, we will just go inside and talk about what have you done.
We came to the house where was Sandra sitting on the couch. We seat down and Sandra said what we were thinking what have we done. I feel guilty about this and said sorry and this will never gonna repeat again.
You have to pay this, and I said that have some money so I can pay this window, I just need to go home for it.
Donna said you will not going home and asking where were my parents now. I said that mom is in the job, dad was on bussines travel.
I can clean all snow from yard if they want, I said but Sandra in same time said she have better idea how can I pay for this and smiley look Donna. Both start to smile and look each other.
How old am I ask Sandra, 12 I said. Nice she said, and grab me around my legs and put it on couch, and Donna grab me for hands so in second I lying on couch on my back.
I was in shock, and both girls started to undressed me. I try to stop them but they were really strong womens.
Suddenly I was clearly naked lying. My crouch was sad looking, penis was maybe 1.5 inch long in non-erection, and balls were not much bigger than small hazelnuts and low hanging.
Donna still hold my hand down and Sandra wide spread lift up my legs so my crotch was in front of her head.
Oh my Donna look at this how it’s cute and grab my testicles, I think he have something for us. I didn’t know what she talking about and then she put penis and balls in same time in mouth and started hard sucking.
I can feel pain how her vacum sucking all my things, and get my full erection aroung 3 inch . She keep continue and after minute I can feel how my balls has pumped and pulsing exploded my first cum in life.
Sandra keep sucking hard as she can for every drop of liquid and swallow it.
Donna, oh my, really, you need to try this, and slowly doing hand massage on my half erected penis.
I was tired, but girls now change positions. Because I was light skinny boy so womans can make with me what ever they want. So Donna said now it’s time go to the farm.
I must be like a cow standing on my hands and kneels. She go beside me, with one hand between legs and pulls my balls back to the ass. With other she starting to milking my penis.
In second came erection back and she continue harder. I was really feel like I was milked cow, my penis started dropped some liquids and Donna stopped.
Sandra just watching. Donna go to the kitchen for one glass and continue milking me. After minute or two I cum again. She collected all my liquid into the glass.
Again ejaculated, and she couldn’t believe from where I have this, for two spoons she said. Oh my oh my, good boy they both said and smiling. Then Donna drink all cum from glass. Bljah disgusting I think. I was so tired that must lying down on my back.
My erection is gone now, and my balls were low hanging. Now each woman laid down beside me on both sides and slowly caressing me on my all body.
Boy you must be very proud to your self how good are you, said Sandra. Now my fear is gone and I felt really proud.
But I think you have some more said Sandra, and go with her hand to my scrotum, and gently grab one ball and rolling it with fingers. Other ball grab Donna and now each woman have one ball. This was too good feeling.
They doing this few minutes and gently kissing me on my all body. Erection is now came again and Sandra started sucking my penis, and Donna now sucked my balls. My god that was extreem good. Both of girls sucking me wild and momling.
After 10 minutes I ejaculated 3rd time. Sandra sucked all my cum and split it on my crotch and massage it like lotion.
Now I can’t do nothing, I can just lying. Then Sandra undressed and go up to me and started to horsing me. Her pussy was so wet and she jumping on my non-erection penis. I can feel pain but she continue. Time to time she check my balls and screaming gime me some more, give me now, filled me!
I was scary and almost start crying. Then she came first time, she ejaculated massive liquid from her pussy on my crouch. Then was Donna turn, she too horsing me. Now erection come back and Donna put my penis into her pussy. May what feeling.
She mix and fuck me like crazy, on one time she came first time. She laid down on me with her brests on my head, and she deep breading. I can feel how her juice slowly come out from her down to my balls and she still sitting on my crotch. Sandra with hand tasted my crotch how it is, and Donna horsing me again.
After couple of minutes Donna came again and she just keep doing, and then I can feel that I will ejaculating again. Donna and Sandra were see this and they start screaming come on give it to us, give it a lot!!!
Then Donna have big climax, and second later me too started pulsing ejaculated, in same time Sandra grab my balls and strong squeezed and pull it for more intensive ejaculated.
Donna laid down to me and slowly lift up so my penis just drop from her pussy and still I can feel how it pulsing and after that all of her juices mixed with my cum exploded on my crotch. I was really helpless of this forth ejacuation. Sandra help to stand me on, but can’t standing on my legs. So she lifted me up and carry me on bathroom. She filled bath full of water, I god that was good feeling, and she left me, say that I need to get my strenght back. So I sleep in bath about one hour. Suddenly something woke me up. It was Donna, grabbing my penis under water. I can’t doing this any more, but I quickly get my erection back, so she handjob me under water. Sandra come in bathroom saing that is enought, he is completely empty but Donna continue. After couple of minutes I ejacuated some drops under water. See, I told you, boy is
incredible. Then he grab towel and help me to stand up from bad. Boy you deserved a big sendwich, So Sandra maked me. I was hungry like a hell. Outside is starting bad snowing, and mama calls me that she must to stay longer, or maybe come back in the morning. I said that I’m staying by night by Sandra and Donna, so than mom want’s to talk with Donna. So it was around 10pm and girls say we will sleep in same bed, and I need to be fully naked. I was OK with this, because my goal was to go to sleep as soon as possible. This night both girls sucked and swallowed my cum whole night. Now when I grow up, I know that I was sexual and bizzare seduced this day. I with my mother go live in other city, and after 10 years I met again both girls, and we open our memories about this time….

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