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Age when it happend: 40
Where it happened: her van
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Most of the stories I have raed here were about a first “first time.” This story is about another first time.
Cheryl and I met in high school and worked together at a local hospital, though we did not get close then. Many years intervened. We became reacquainted through a mutual friend on the internet and, as they say, one thing led to another.

We had been corresponding by e-mail for several months and we both sensed that a mutual liking was in the offing. We arranged a “safe” meeting at a local concert, where we could see each other without committment. Then, I began trying to “run into her” at the local college where she was taking classes. We planned a lunch, but since we were both married, it had to be clandestined. Still, I remember well the supple feel the brush of her breast across the table, and the enticing touch of her clothed thigh in my hand under the table, as the lunch progressed. To my surprise and amazement, she did not protest. You could say that three of us were at lunch that day, Cheryl, Woody and me.

As the time for the lunch came to a close, it became apparent that neither of us wanted the time to end, and though this was “wrong,” neither of us could find a way to say goodbye. I asked her if she wanted to take a ride together, and she said “yes.” We got in her van and I drove to a park nearby. It was November – cold in the north – and no one was in the park that day. We stopped. And parked. Soon we were kissing. These were the kisses that Faith Hill sang about in “This Kiss.” Deep, penetrating, almost juvenile kisses. Hungry kisses. I had never understood those “studies” about animal magnitism until that day – how sex was chemical as well as biological. I belive it now.

I no longer remember the exact sequence of events, but I do remember the complete surprise when my hand got under her bra. Her nipples stood prouder than any I had ever known – all for me. She even said so. I was feeling her bare breasts, kissing these kissable lips, sucking her luscious breasts – and getting harder than I had been in some time, when….she began undoing my suit pants. I remember thinking all the way back to college. Here was a lady really taking the initiative, searching out my sex, and showing no signs of inhibition or reluctance. In short order, she had her hand on me and was making me proud too.

We did not screw that day (that pleasure was to wait several weeks) but she did go down on me. She kissed and sucked and urged my penis on until the seminal life flowed out of me. I had met girls (women) who had engaged in oral sex before, but I had never met one who relished it. She was hungry – greedy – for the seed of my love and she took it in full, without reservation. And as she did I was surprised by the sound of my own voice – my moan – accepting her gift to me as I came into her mouth. It was an intimacy I had never known before – that we have enjoyed many times since – and that sustains me even now.

Thank you Cheryl.

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