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Becky and Tina

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My best friend and I were at my house this summer, and we were feeling kind of bored. We were sitting on my bed, both of us in shorts and tees and barefoot, and we were kind of goofing around and sort of flirting with each other. For both of us it was fun and cool to do that together as girls. We did some little lip smacks, and then we tried a more romantic kiss. While we were doing that, I felt Tina’s hand on my right tit, squeezing it, which felt awfully good, so I tried feeling her tits. The fact that we were both wearing bras made it kind of awkward. Tina said that maybe we should take our tops off, and I laughingly said that we could take everything off. Tina thought that would be fun, so we did. It was great. We were laying there together in each other’s arms, kissing and feeling each other’s bare breasts, and kissing each other’s nipples. Tina has fairly big breasts and large nipples. My breasts are kind of small, with these puffy nipples. I think that we both have had our nipples sucked by a boy before, but its the kind of thing that makes you feel really nervous because you always know that a boy wants to go farther. We each other we didn’t have to worry about how far we went. We were both getting really turned on, and we had our hands between each other’s legs and we starting to masturbate each other. We did that for maybe twenty minutes until we gave each other an orgasm that felt sooooo good!
While we were laying there recovering from that, my mother happened to come home and we hadn’t heard her. She was wondering what we were doing up in my bedroom and came up, and saw laying there naked together on the bed in each other’s arms. She looked sort of surprised and said something like, “Oh! Excuse me,” and then she left. Tina and I were both shocked about getting caught doing this. We got dressed and Tina left. My mother was in the kitchen and I thought that she was going to be reaaly mad and accuse me of being a lesbian and how awful it all was. To my surprise she asked me if Tina had left. I told her that she had and expected her to launch into how awful it was. I told her that I was sorry that she had caught us. Mom wasn’t upset, though. She told me that she preferred me doing that with Tina than coming home and finding me doing it with a boy since it was safer. And she told me that she understood that best friends did do things like that togther sometimes just for fun. I was so surprised, because I thought that she would be on the phone to Tina’s mom telling her that we were lesbians and all sorts of awful things. But she said that she didn’t mind if Tina and I felt like doing that occasionally. My mom was just so cool about it and I can’t tell you how good that made me feel. Not just about getting caught and not being in trouble, but it made feel good about myself, and about liking being sexual with another girl instead of with a boy for a change.

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