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Babysitter Shelley

Age when it happend: 29-35
Where it happened: Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

For a period of 7 years, from the time she was 17 until she was 24, Shelley was our baby-sitter. My wife knew her parents from church and knew that she was good and reliable and could be trusted.My job, each time we went out, was to drive over to Shelley’s house, a few miles away, and bring her to our house, and to take her home again at the end of the evening, many times at l1:00 P.M. or Midnight. Shelley was a living doll, with long blonde auburn hair, and a figure that all men would absolutely die for. It didn’t take long for Shelley to notice that I had a boner on everytime she got in the car.It was on the 4th time that she baby-sat for us, that we stopped on the way home and she sucked my dick. My God, how I loved it! My wife detested giving head, and only did it once in a great while, out of a sense of duty, but Shelley relished the task, and was a real expert. Sometimes, we wouldn’t bother to stop. She’d just slowly fish my love-maker out of my pants after zipping me down, and placing that hard head and saft between her lips and then into her mouth and throat. I never lost control of the car, but at times it was hard to concentrate on driving. After she was 18,we fucked as well. She told me that her Mother had put her on the pill, and everything was “safe.” I took her at her word. It probably averaged twice a month that we had sex, and I really looked forward to it. As she grew up, she became better at satisfying me. Then, one day, my wife told me that Shelley was engaged and was going to get married in about 6 months. And so, she did. But right up until the month of her wedding, she gave me head, and then one final farewell fuck. After her wedding, to which we were invited(!) she and her husband moved out of state, and I’ve never seen her again. Now we have a new baby-sitter. She just lives three doors down from us, and has a face that would stop a clock. I miss Shelley.

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