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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: Appartment
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Amanda and I had dated before and being young we went through our pitfalls of a relationship. Only to hook back up later on. Years after our break up we started seeing eachother again casually and spending time together. Things were going quite well and we were spending an evening in her apartment. Things were going well and i was giving her a back massage. In a previous visit this had lead to an intense make out session so my hopes were up. As i rubbed Amanda’s shoulders she leaned her head back into my crotch and nuzzled my hard on. I stopped down and kissed her on the back of the neck. Amanda loved that so i kissed her all up and down her gradually unbuttoning her shirt and removing it. She then jumped me and we rolled on the floor a bit playing around. I then started kissing her as she rubbed at my throbbing hard on. I removed her bra and held her close as I nibbled at her nipples and sucked on her breasts. She loved every moment of it. After some more kissing she led me back to her bedroom. We were all over each other tearing of each others cloths. Amanda was a virgin as well and many times we had done such things like this before. As I kissed and sucked on her breasts and neck as we stood at the foot of her bed naked I asked her if she wanted to fuck. Amanda looked at me with her brown eyes and said yes. We walked over to her bed and I lay her down kissing her. She was tense so I relaxed her by kissing her gently and massaging her clit. She soon became wet. And I got into position and asked her if she was ready. She smiled gently and nodded and parted her legs. My cock was hard and throbbing as I was so excited that FINALLY I was going to fuck. She was very tight as the head of my penis pierced her pussy. She gasped and winced in pain and I kissed her and told her I would go slower and if it hurt to let me know. She nodded and said she wanted to go on. Slowly, not wanting to hurt her I eased my cock into her. It took a while but I didn’t mind I wanted her to enjoy this and not focus on the pain. As she got though it I held her close and tried to comfort her until it subsided and she felt somewhat better. I started to slowly move in and out. Amanda gasped and wrapped her legs behind me as I started to grind slowly occaisionlly pushing in with a deep sustained thrust. Amanda moaned as I thrusted into her repeatedly. Her pussy became so wet she began to soak me thouroghly. Eventually I slowed down and we went to the lotus posistion. Amanda moaned as my cock went into her deep and she began to grind her hips into me. I happily burried my face into her breasts as she did this and she tired and we kissed and caressed each other for awhile. We then seperated for a bit and I lay on my back. She crawled over me and started to kiss and bite my chest. I asked her if she would like to ride me forawhile. At first she was reluctant and after a little coaxing she smiled. She lowered her self down on to my cock. Soon she began to ride me and she went wild moaning as her hips gyrated with mine. Then leaned forward as she ground me and we began to grind together. Soon she orgasamed and I did as well and we collapsed in a heap. The next day we spent the whole day naked and fucking it was great.
Things went great for awhile but eventually collapsed. Who knows maybe we’ll do it again someday.

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