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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: birthday
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Well my best friend is a guy and we are very very close and I found out after a while that he was completely in love with me and I didnt really know what to do. I actually had a big crush on him before we became good friends but…i guess it changed. so anyways It was 2 days before I turned 18 and i was visiting my mom and i was there all summer so i had my best friend come and visit me the week of my birthday.
Well after i found out how much he liked me i began to think of him like that, and no longer as just a pal. I am a pretty attractive girl and I know that and when he was here i was pretty hard on him. I teased him horribly and was very sexy. So one evening after my ma went to sleep, I took a bath, and the bathroom is right next to the room where were hung out and where he slept. so he just watched tv while i bathed. I kept the door cracked so he couldnt see anything but he could hear everything and even smell the bath oils.
I had the lights off and I lit some candles and everything looked beautiful and sexy.
Well after a long period of bathing and getting my body very soft and silky, I stepped out and stood with my back to the door and with the towel draped delicately over my back I called him in.
He asked what i needed, but didnt open the door. i told him to just come in. he did and I could see his shocked face in the mirror. A huge bulge in his pants came in view. I told him to dry me off.
He had never seen me in anything but my bikini top and shorts and now i was naked for him. he did dry me very well and i turned around and he kissed like he would never kiss again. I pressed my naked body against him and told him i wanted him inside me now. he lifted me onto the counted and i spread my legs. I was so wet and my pussy was just screaming. he bent down and licked me all over and I could tell he had never done it before, and I knew he was a virgin in all respects. anyways he found my clit and i told him to fuck me before i came on his tongue. so he positioned his cock at my pussy and slowly pushed in, and I have a very tight little cunt so it was a shock but as he got all the way in i was moaning so loud he told me to try to be quiet cos id wake my mom. he began pumping in and out
and he was sucking and licking my breasts gently and then harder as he came, and then I came. cum was dripping all over the floor and a little bit of blood on the counter. then he got down and to my amazment gently licked me clean cum and blood and everything and it felt so nice on a sore pussy not like you’d imagine. he was very gentle.
we then went to his bed and fell asleep for a few hours, but then i had to go back to my bed or else my mom would get pissed that i had slept in his room.
everyday that week we did something else. i blew him, i had him fuck me anally every day, i REALLY like that, and he loved eating out my cunt.
That’s about it!

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