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Anatomy Of A Defloration

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her Apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Life can be strange sometimes. Anyway, when it comes to sex, usually Mother Nature has the final say. That is what happened between me and Eva.
Eva was the sweetes and shiest girl in our Literature class in college. She was of medium height, slim and tender. But what
was most attractive with her was her beautiful long curly hair and smooth complexion of the skin. She looked like a goddess to me then, and still does.
I admit that one could hardly have sexual aspirations towards such a creature; it is as if you can have
sexual desires towards an object of art.
She did not speak much to other students, so when she asked if the seat next to me during one of the classes I was pleasantly surprised. That is how it
started. We grew closer every day. Not that we spoke of love, sex, or similar subject. We just felt well together.
One Saturday afternoon Eva called me to ask what I was doing in the evening and what if I came to her apartment for a coffee.
Of course I agreed – every minute spent close to her was a pure pleasure. She explained me how to get to the address as I had never been there before.
When I arrived she opened the door with that maddening shy smile of hers. She was dressed in a sweater and a skirt. It turned out that we were alone – her
mother had left on a short holiday with her brand new boyfriend. Eva’s parents had been divorced for quite some time. Anyway, I did not object being alone with
We talked quite a lot about music and books over a nice cup of coffee when she suddenly blushed and started giggling. “What?” I asked.
“You will be amazed to see what I found”, she said. And then she led me to one of the drawers and showed me a pair of dildos- a black and a
white one. They were about 8″ long and quite thick. “They are obviously my mother’s”, she guessed.
I looked her in the eyes. Next moment, as if out of the blue sky, she started kissing me. She was a good kisser, even though obviously not very experienced. Next
thing she did was to hug me and slightly jump to put both her legs around my hips. I felt that she was going out of her mind. I probed with my hand under
her skirt only to find that she was not wearing anything. “I want you”, she whispered quietly. “I want you too, Evita”, I answered. And did I mean it! The proof
had started to rise dangerously in the front of my pants.
She slowly undressed, without showing off but also without any signs of false modesty. God, was not she wonderful! Her boyish hips were excellently shaped, her relatively
small breasts were adorned by lovely pink nipples,almost the same color as her skin. Her pubic hair was light brown and not very abundant. I could see one or two drops of
desire on the short hairs between her legs.
I could not stand it any more and quickly undressed. After that we went to her mother’s double bed and started kissing, petting, and sucking. It was wonderful to see
her hesitantly taking my penis into her delicate hands and starting to suck it gently. I did not want to come out in her mouth but it happened before I could withdraw. She spit
out part of it in the beginning but then looked down , took the penis’ head back in her mouth and swallowed the sperm.
Then she said it: “It is my first time”, she confessed. I had quite guessed it before, as she was instinctively keeping her legs together as I tried to finger her.
“I will be careful and tender”, I promised and I meant it. I did not tell her that it was my first time too and that I was absolutely terrified.
She laid on her back and opened her legs as if in invitation. Instead of putting my penis inside, I started sucking her clitoris and drinking her suit juice. She was quite
wet but not enough, I thought. Then I got up and pressed the penis’s head against her hole. It went a bit in and then stopped. Her hole was very tight . In the same time, my
penis is not very big – about 6.5″ – but is very thick. So I pushed and nothing happened – except that she cried out in pain. But God did she want it! She tried to pull me
ahead – again no success! I was getting horny and angry at that point. I suggested that we used something else and she stood on all four. I was behind her, lubricating her
copiously with some cosmetic oil I took from her mother’s drawers. Then I pressed hard doggy style. I could feel the entering of my instrument, and she gave a loud scream. I came
after almost a split second. But when I withdrew and saw some blood, I also saw that I had entered her anus! She did not protest even though it obviously hurt her.
Then we both went mad. She spread her legs again nad I laid on top of her in what, I was later to understand,a 69 pose. I took the black dildo and rubbed it against her vagina,
while she was sucking me. Then, without warning her, I pushed the dildo hard. Probably because she was well lubricated and not expecting it, the dildo went in. Eva gave an even louder
shriek and then, amazingly, start to laugh and cry in the same time. I stood back, amazed, and withdrew the dildo. There was a lot of blood on its black surface and on the bed. Eva saw
my state of mind and came to kiss me. “It’s over”, she said,”you are my boy and I am your girl”.
We did not make love any more this night as she was hurting. But I spent the whole Sunday with her and this time and was much easier and simply wonderful
Life parted us a few years later when,after college,she found a job in another country. I still have her picture in my wallet. I hope that she has my picture,too.

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