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Alan and Allison

Current Age: 40
Age when it happend: 38
Where it happened: Safari Lodge In Kenya, Africa
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My name is Alan. I am 40 years old, single, and teach Philosophy and Human Sexuality here at Rutgers University. I earned my Bachelor’s degree at age 22, my Master’s at 25 and my Doctorate at age 28. I’ve been teaching now for 12 years.

My niece, Allison, was born when I was 20 years old. She is the daughter of my older Sister. We’ve always been quite close, and I’ve been a part of her life as far back as I can remember. I’ve watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman. We became especially close when, at age 14, and she was in the 8th grade, she lost her Father due to a sudden, massive heart attack. It was a traumatic time for both her and my Sister, and I tried to be as helpful as I could. After the initial shock, I sort of became a “surrogate father” to Allison, and started taking her to baseball and football games and other sporting events, movies, stage shows and even, later on, to the symphony and other more adult gatherings. She liked my company and I liked hers, and she’d often show her appreciation by hugging me and kissing me on the cheeks — such as a daughter might do to her Dad.

By the time she was 16, she was really blossoming out, and becoming quite a mature young lady, and I started taking her on vacations with me to other countries, Europe and Scandinavia, China, Australia, so she could learn about other peoples and other cultures. During these adventures, we always had separate accomodations , which is what her Mother always wanted, knowing my penchant for sexual adventure. Over the years, I had developed the strong philosophy that insofar as sex was concerned, it was not only for procreation and the continuation of the human race, but it was also for pure pleasure and for satisfying one’s desire ; and as long as the two persons involved consented to the act, it was perfectly fine to engage in sex. Over the years I had had several women companions (both young and old), but had never really given marriage much of a thought.

When she was 17 (nearly 18), Allison entered the University, and among other classes, she took my two courses as well. She was an excellent student, very bright, and she had probably conveyed to my Sister some or all of the ideas I taught in my classes, which were pretty liberal to say the least. But, I truly believed them and could back up most of them with good scientific research.

The year that Allison turned 18, I had planned an African Safari trip to Kenya and Zimbabwe. I asked her if she’d like to accompany me. She jumped at the idea enthusiastically, but then, somewhat to my surprise, suggested to me that it was somewhat “silly and uneconomical” to have separate rooms, and that “since we are both adults,” we could save money by bunking in together in the same room. I questioned it , at first, but then thought that it would be perfectly fine, even though, technically, we were related. We said nothing to Allison’e Mother about this new arrangement, and I guess she assumed that the separate accomodations “rule” would be followed.

Consequently, two years ago, in July, we flew from New York to London and from there to Nairobi — all in all — with layovers — an 18 hour trip. When we arrived, we still had a three hour ride out into “bush area” where we finally got our room in one of the Safari Lodges. We were very tired, and the first thing we did was take a shower. To “save water” we decided to shower together. It was the first time I had seen Allison completely naked, although, even clothed, it was obvious what was underneath — a beautiful young woman, with a trim, fit body, firm gorgeous breasts, shapely legs, tight buttocks. Of course I got an immediate erection, which Allison took completely in hand, by kneeling and taking it into her mouth. My God, what a feeling that was — having this beautiful young 18 year old, sucking on my penis. The fact that she was also my niece — my Sister’s daughter — never entered my mind. It was just two human beings, joined together, enjoying each other’s bodies. She made me come in less that ten minutes and I was in absolute heaven.

As tired as we were, when we finally fell into bed together, we had to have each other. The kissing and fondling each other that started in the bathing area continued there and Allison took complete charge, by telling me just to lie back and relax, as she mounted my erection. I assumed she was now on birth control, since she never made mention of using a condom, and there in the darkness of that room she fucked me as if we had been lovers for years! I, in turn, massaged her beautiful breasts which were in front of my face, creating the greatest sexual moment I had ever had!After 45 minutes or so, she collapsed over my chest, and we fell asleep, still connected at the waist.

It was a wonderful two weeks. After each morning safari run, and lunch, we had a rest period at the lodge, Naturally, we got naked and fucked for an hour or so, instead of napping. We also had great sex during the evening hours, after dinner.

Finally the trip came to an end, and we flew back to the States, where Allison suggested that she move in with me at my off-campus apartment. I readily agreed. Our feelings toward each other had developed into true love, and we wanted it to continue.

My Sister of course was very upset by this. It did not fit in with her concept of morals or mores,but we went ahead with our plans in spite of this. Now, after nearly two years of our living together, Allison’s Mother has come to accept “the situation” as it is, and, although she does not approve of it, she has resolved that it will continue.

So, now, Alan an Allison are no longer Uncle and Niece, but are a couple lovingly living together in sexual and intellectual bliss. Allison continues her studies at the University and I continue my teaching duties.

Life is good. Sex is wonderful, and we couldn’t really care less what pleople think.

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